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Epic Backpacker Fails And Why They Don’t Matter.

Read any travel blog or check out any social media platform and you will see a smorgasboard of highly curated content, of statuesque models flicking their perfect hair with a backdrop of the perfect Instagram sunset. You will hear tales

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What To Expect At Israel’s Airport Security.

Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv is infamous amongst travellers for being seriously heavy with security. Horror stories of innocent travellers being detained for hours, missing flights and intrusive luggage checks are the norm, and the average traveller

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Haggle Hard, But Don’t Be A Cheapskate.

Haggling is a way of life in many countries and is certainly a great part of the backpacker experience, but some travellers can go too far and take haggling to the extreme, which isn’t good for anyone. How do you

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How To Stay Close to Your Family While Travelling.

With the explosion of cheap flights travelling the world has never been easier and taking off on a gap year can be an awesome adventure. But sometimes there are downsides to that, and one of the worst parts can be

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Is Street Food Safe When Travelling?

Street food has a reputation of being unclean, unsafe and the quickest surefire way to get food poisoning and spending your entire trip on the toilet. That isn’t true at all, and my advice as a qualified health professional will

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Top 10 FAQs On Travelling South East Asia.

South East Asia is one of the most popular regions for many backpackers heading out on their gap year or round the world adventures, yet it seems every first time traveller always has the same questions and worries. Here are

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Why All Travellers To Bali Should Get The Rabies Vaccine.

Rabies has been an ongoing problem in Bali for many years now, but a recent outbreak is making it even more essential that travellers are prepared and protected from this potentially fatal disease. Current official advice from the NHS in the

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