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Responsible and ethical tourism is something that is becoming an increasing concern for many backpackers and independent travellers, but it is such a large umbrella term that there is often a lot of misinformation and confusion about what this means in practical terms.  

All responsible travel means is essentially recognising the many diverse issues around ethical tourism and highlighting issues such as social injustice, human rights, animal welfare or ecotourism, and using that knowledge to change the way we travel.

Independent world travellers and backpackers are becoming increasingly aware of the footprint they leave behind on their travels, and are increasingly looking into minimising their carbon footprint, supporting parts of the tourist or gap year industries that adhere to international standards on various issues or travelling in such a way that travel can benefit local populations, the environment or animal and conservation efforts instead of damaging them.

Click here to read the Bemused Backpacker Code Of Responsible Travel.

Responsible travel is something I believe passionately about and the theme of that runs through every part of this site, including various sections where you can read more in depth about specific issues.

As a result, I have put together a guide, a code of conduct, that each and every traveller out there should try and uphold in every decision that they make on their own round the world adventures. I urge each and every traveller who reads the tips and advice on this site, or is inspired to take their own round the world trip from my backpacking adventures, to please read this and spread the word. I urge each and every one of you to do your research, be aware of the issues, make ethical choices and travel responsibly.

Tips And Advice

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Wildlife Tourism.

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Volunteering And Voluntourism.

Should You Pay To Volunteer On Your Gap Year?

Spotlight On BAWA, Volunteering In Bali.

The Big Voluntourism Lie.

The Dark Truth About Orphanage Volunteering.


What Type Of Volunteer Are You?

What You Need To Consider Before Volunteering On Your Gap Year.

Responsible Travel.

How Responsible Travel Is Boosting Welsh Tourism.

How To Make Your Gap Year Responsible, Ethical And Sustainable.

Environmental Impact Of Travel.

Disaster Tourism And The Darker Side Of Travel.

Palm Oil Is Burning Borneo.

Travelling Through A Burning Hell In South East Asia, And No One Cares.

Social Impact Of Travel.

An Unconscionable Coffee Delicacy. Should Travellers Be Drinking Kopi Luwak?

Slumdog Voyeur.

Why I Walked Across Mount Bromo’s Sea Of Sand.

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