Wildlife Tourism Consultation and Audit.

Wildlife Tourism Consultation and Audit

Bemused Backpacker has partnered with Global Spirit: Animals In Tourism ltd, to offer the worlds leading wildlife tourism audit and international media campaign service. The global spirit audit will ensure your business is as animal friendly and responsible as possible and the media campaign will support your efforts and showcase your ethical credentials to the world, increase visitor numbers and ensure your efforts to improve animal welfare and care standards are profitable in the long term. 

Global Spirit is the worlds only company to specialise in providing unique, expert animal welfare assessments and recommendation services for all wildlife travel and tourism businesses, and are the worlds most experienced and trusted source for animal welfare audits.

Established in the industry since 2015 and completely independent and unbiased, they offer industry standard and established audit, post audit and full welfare standard improvement project options to support your business and the wider industry to achieve positive changes for all species in all destinations.

Global Spirit Partnership

We believe that the wildlife tourism industry can play a vital and positive role in conservation and education, and when done right, wildlife tourism operators such as yours can provide significant change for the better. We want to work with you and support your efforts in raising welfare standards. 

Alongside ensuring that your business is as ethical and responsible as possible, we also understand that the success of your business is essential in maintaining the high standard of care for the animals.

We understand your business needs as  much as we understand the welfare of the animals well and want to show you that making positive changes within wildlife tourism is not just the right thing to do, but it can be infinitely more profitable in the long term too.

We can give you expert advice on animal welfare, on the steps you can take to ensure you can make positive changes in your business, on what the travel industry and travellers expect from wildlife tourism providers and also how to change your image and market yourselves specifically to this audience.

That is why the audit process can also be run alongside a full international media campaign to ensure that every part of the process is documented and open and transparent as possible. You can show the world the steps you are taking to improve standards and show off your responsible credentials proudly, increasing your brand visibility and ultimately profit.

What we do.

Our aim is to raise animal welfare standards across the entire travel and tourism industry, and showcase those operators that are reaching for and exceeding their obligations toward being responsible and ethical wildlife operators.

Global Spirit services, including animal welfare audits and consultancy options, as well as consultancy and promotional campaign options provided by Bemused Backpacker, are available to all businesses operating within the travel and tourism industry.

Global Spirit provides independent assessments of animal welfare standards for all species in all destinations, at all locations where animals are featured as an attraction.

Working with Global Spirit and Bemused Backpacker will help you navigate the complex issues surrounding the use of animals in tourism and successfully manage your ‘Animal Footprint’, whilst showcasing your business to the world as one that is responsible, ethical and sustainable.

Your Animal Footprint? Just like a carbon footprint measures greenhouse gas emissions, your animal footprint measures the level of impact on animal welfare caused directly and indirectly by the provision of displays, activities and interactions featuring animals for tourism purposes.

Audits and consultations.

  • Adopted globally since 2015, the Global Spirit Audit is the most authoritative assessment tool for the tourism industry.
  • The assessment tool is based on international standards and industry established animal welfare criteria, and is internationally recognised by inbound operators, cruise lines and ground operators.
  • We offer an actionable, staged approach to improving animal welfare standards, supporting your objective of achieving a 100% compliance.
  • Audits undertaken by specialist, qualified experts in their field.
  • Audit results are specific to the animals on site and the activities or experiences being offered, providing an accurate assessment of all businesses and facilities including zoos, safaris, animal experiences or any wildlife operation.

Post audit service.

  • Our work doesn’t end once the audit is complete, we have a responsibility to continue working towards raising animal welfare standards and we offer post audit services to help achieve this positive change.

With significant experience in completing animal welfare audits across the world, we are the expert resource regardless of the destination, the activity or the animals involved.

Promotional media campaign.

  • You don’t just want to be the best, most responsible animal tourism operator you can be, you want to be seen to be operating at the highest and strictest levels of animal welfare too.
  • We will be with you at each step of the auditing process, documenting and recording your improvement and showing the world the steps you are taking to improve animal welfare and conditions.
  • We will work with you to reduce the negative PR and impact concerns about a lack of animal welfare can have on your business.
  • We have a finger on the pulse of what travellers want and expect from the wildlife tourism industry and will share with you how that should help shape your practices and your marketing strategy.
  • A balanced voice will be provided to ensure that the positive side to your animal facility is highlighted.
  • You will receive a full multi platform media campaign, optimised for SEO and maximum multi platform reach, consisting of social media posts, articles and video content placed on the Bemused Backpacker website and social media channels.
  • A focus will be put on reaching a large, engaged target audience – your exact same customer base – to visit your facility or business and support your efforts to improve wildlife standards.
  • Content can be placed on your own platform and channels to showcase your responsible status.
  • You will receive advice on how to optimise your own social media campaigns and maximise the benefits of the audit.

How much does this cost?

The information provided below is intended as a guide. There are many options we can offer so costs will vary depending upon your requirements.

  • Onsite audits, including full results and detailed reports – starting from £1,595.
  • Post audit service (remote and onsite options available) – starting from £1,485.
  • Full media campaign including detailed ROI report – starting from £1,495.
  • Project planning and management – starting from £800.
  • Hourly consultancy – starting from £100.
  • Hourly social media and media campaign consultancy – starting from £100.

For full audit costs and to request a quote, please click here.

For a full list of media campaign deliverable prices please click here.

Can you afford not to?

There are significant financial and reputational risks attached to offering wildlife tourism experiences that are less than responsible and do not put the animals welfare first. Travellers and tourists are increasingly concerned with only supporting attractions that offer the highest standards of of animal care and support conservation efforts, and are all to happy to boycott and avoid those attractions that do not. Working with Global Spirit and Bemused Backpacker will help you to minimise and manage those risks within a workable budget, and ensure that any budget spent is a significant investment for the future of any wildlife tourism business.

How do I arrange an initial consultation?

To connect with us about arranging an initial consultation, requesting a quote or finding out more about the options available to you and the services we provide, please click here.

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