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Welcome to Bemused Backpacker. A leading resource for travel advice, information and inspiration amongst new and experienced backpackers and independent world travellers. If you would like to work with me, please read on to see how we can work together.

If you would like to get your brand or product in front of an engaged target audience, with the voice of a highly authoritative influencer behind it, then look no further. With a whole range of promotional and marketing services ranging from promotional posts and social media campaigns to complete destination marketing campaigns, Bemused Backpacker is your way to promote, advertise and raise awareness of your destination, brand, product or service directly to the audience you need.

What is Bemused Backpacker?

Bemused Backpacker is one of the UK’s most popular travel blogs, teaching, empowering and inspiring people to travel the world independently. As a significant gap year and backpacking focused travel blog, it is open to working with brands and companies that share the ethos of responsible, independent world travel.

Founded By Michael Huxley (read more about Michael here) in May 2013 with the purpose of inspiring others to travel independently, Michael has used his 15 years of extensive backpacking experience and professional qualifications to do just that and has turned Bemused Backpacker into a significant influencer within its target niche and a trusted source of information and advice.

Having worked with a number of tourism boards around the world as well as charities and brands such as Care For The Wild International and Craghoppers amongst many others, Bemused Backpacker has also been featured in some of the worlds largest television, online and print media platforms, including the BBC Travel Show, The BBC World Service News Hour, The Guardian, USA Today Travel, The Globe and Mail and many more.

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Content on Bemused Backpacker focuses primarily on advice, information and inspiration for anyone who wants to travel around the world on their own independent adventure. There are sub niche focuses on travel health and travel safety, with a strong underlying message throughout of responsible and ethical travel.

Michael Huxley is not only an experienced travel expert who readers trust for advice on backpacking around the world as well as advice on travel gear, transport options, accommodation and various other services, he is also an expert on self defence and personal safety who has taught in both civilian and military settings and is a qualified charge nurse with a specific interest in emergency nursing and travel medicine. With those professional qualifications and backgrounds, Bemused Backpacker has become a highly authoritative influencer on issues involving travel safety and travel health.

If you would like to work with Bemused Backpacker and expose your brand, destination, service or product to my large, engaged audience, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs on a one to one basis here.

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