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Bemused Backpacker is one of the UKs leading professional travel websites in the gap year and independent travel industry. Launched in 2010, Bemused Backpacker has significant influence, qualified expertise and established niche authority in independent travel, and is seen as a thought leader in the travel health and wellness, adventure travel, travel safety and responsible travel niches.

Readers come to Bemused Backpacker for advice and inspiration to follow their travel dreams, and rely on that advice to make informed decisions and purchases on the destinations they travel to, how they travel, and what to see and do when they arrive.

The underlying message and purpose of Bemused Backpacker is to teach, empower and inspire everyone to travel the world independently, safely and responsibly.

Want To Work With Me?

Do you want to market your destination, travel brand or product to a large, dynamic niche audience of travellers? Do you want to work with a travel content creator to directly connect you with your target demographic? Do you need a trusted, expert and qualified voice in the fields of gap year and independent travel, responsible travel, adventure travel, travel health and wellness or travel safety?

Content marketing is the single most powerful tool you can use to generate publicity, increase brand awareness, cultivate a positive brand image, manage perceptions, engage your target customers and ultimately drive more leads to your brand or business, with evergreen material that will outlast and provide far more return on investment than any ad spend or traditional marketing method.

When presenting your brand, business or destination to the world it is content that will do that. It is content that will build your brand and tell your customers exactly who you are. It is content that will create that value proposition for your customers or visitors, it is content that will answer the questions they type into Google or ask their AI voice assisted devices, and it is content that will create that important relationship between you and your audience. If you don’t have content that effectively engages with your target audience on that level, they will move onto the brands or destinations that do.

That is why it is essential that you work with an expert and experienced content creator who will convey that level of professionalism and commitment to your business that builds customer trust, engagement and loyalty.

Whether you are a tourism board, travel company, or a brand with a property, service or product, Bemused Backpacker can help market your brand and destination with authenticity and creativity. Bemused Backpacker has a strong background of professional content campaigns with some of the biggest brands, DMOs and tourism boards in the world, working with you and your brand strategy to create a range of UGC, advertorial and editorial content that speaks to your target customer base.

Bemused Backpacker is your way to promote, advertise and raise awareness of your destination, brand, product or service directly to the audience you need.

Business Inquiries.

Contact me on

For my full media kit with up to date statistics and information please click here.

Press Trips and Destination Marketing Campaigns.

Bemused Backpacker is available for press trips, specific tailored tours and extended destination marketing campaigns to promote your destination, tour group, accommodation or travel service to a strong, engaged audience of independent travellers.

Michael Huxley has a strong background of professional content campaigns with some of the biggest brands, DMOs and tourism boards in the world and has a proven track record of ROI. We work with you and your brand strategy to create a range of content including articles, UGC, social media and video that speaks to your target customer and raises brand awareness, cultivates a positive brand image, manages perceptions and engages your target customers.

All campaigns are unique and run on an individual basis dependent on your marketing needs and budget, based on a contractual agreement with set content deliverables. Please email me for a free consultation.

Brand Ambassadorships and Sponsorships.

There are a number of brand ambassadorship and sponsorship opportunities available to brands that closely align with Bemused Backpacker’s ethos of responsible, ethical independent travel, and for those brands where Michael Huxley will be happy to personally promote to his large, engaged audience. This can be on a long term basis or can be campaign specific.

Sponsored Posts.

If a full content campaign is too much for your needs or budget, a sponsored post placed on Bemused Backpacker is the ideal way to get instant brand awareness and reach a targeted customer base for comparatively little spend. All articles are SEO optimised, written for humans by humans, targeted toward specific niche audiences and designed to pull viewers through the sales funnel directly to your brand, destination or product. Content can be in the form of:

  • Native advertising in the style of Bemused Backpacker.
  • Product reviews.
  • Competition hosting.

UGC Campaigns.

User Generated Content campaigns are one of the fastest growing, most trustworthy way of brand advertising. In an age of low trust AI content, having content curated by humans for humans is a perfect way to foster a genuine relationship, raise brand awareness, drive customer trust and loyalty and bring a large, targeted audience through the sales funnel and convert them to customers or visitors. UGC content can be created as a specific campaign for your brand, DMO or tourism board, or can be utilised as part of a much larger campaign with a wider range of content.

Content Creation.

As well as creating content that reaches Bemused Backpacker’s own large, engaged audience, a range of unique content can be created for your own platform and channels. This content will be designed to increase your organic traffic, reduce spend on paid ads and give you brand authority on niche topics.

Public Speaking.

Michael Huxley is a seasoned public speaker and lecturer on the international stage, having spoken at the Middle East Youth Expo in Abu Dhabi, TBEX in New York, Ireland and the Czech Republic and many more conferences, universities and workshops all over the world. He is an expert in the travel and digital content marketing space and has gained significant experience and qualifications which allows him to speak with authority on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Travel health and wellness.
  • Medical tourism.
  • Responsible wildlife tourism.
  • How brands can work with professional travel creators.
  • Content marketing and social media.
  • How brands, DMOs and tourism boards can leverage content marketing.
  • How to turn a blog into a professional business.

Brand Consultations.

Marketing and PR is constantly evolving, and the landscape now is very different to what it was even just a few years ago. In a world where traditional FAM trips or even press trips aren’t working for the creators who will give your destination the best reach or ROI, where many brands and DMOs are playing catch up with best practices and an ever changing social media and platform landscape, you need an edge in your marketing efforts.

Bemused Backpacker has worked on digital marketing campaigns with some of the largest brands, DMOs and tourism boards in the world, and has been a thought leader in professional content creation for over a decade. By walking you through the new landscape of content creation and social media marketing and helping you create best practices and ways of working with creators of all types you can maximise the ROI you can get from your marketing efforts. I can help your organisation with:

  • Overall marketing strategy.
  • Social media and content marketing strategies.
  • Content creator or ‘influencer’ outreach best practices.
  • How to run creator driven press trips and content campaigns to ensure a high ROI and guaranteed deliverables.
  • Asset creation.

The Fine Print.

All content created for and placed on Bemused Backpacker as part of a promotional campaign, press trip, sponsored post or similar will contain a standard disclaimer template to adhere to legal and professional standards.

Social media content will contain the appropriate disclosure method for that platform to adhere to legal and professional standards.

Bemused Backpacker retains the right to complete editorial control and retains ownership and copyright for all intellectual property created as part of a campaign.

Bemused Backpacker will only undertake partnerships with travel industry companies that adhere to the values of responsible and ethical travel the brand is known for.

No work is undertaken, given or supplied for free. All commercial exchanges fall under my commercial rates and are based on a contractual agreement with a set fee.

For more information on Bemused Backpacker’s disclaimer and privacy policies in full, please click here.

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