These books are available in traditional paperback as well as eBook versions across all popular formats.

Bemused Backpacker’s guide to backpacking is an indispensable guide to first time, independent round the world travel. Full of advice from an experienced backpacker on how to plan your very first trip, this book contains all the information you need to get started and travel the world independently, cheaply and easily. With essential advice on budgeting and handy tips on getting a great deal, spotting scams and not getting ripped off, this book will help you discover how to get your tickets, sort out visas and passports, where to go, where to stay and how to get around once you are on the road. It even has essential hints and tips on how to keep yourself safe on your travels, and includes a comprehensive section on safety and travel health advice from a qualified staff nurse, including which vaccinations you need to get before you go.

If you are planning to backpack around the world on a gap year or just to a specific destination for a month or two, then you need this invaluable book. Learn all the things you need to know before and during your travels, and get inspired to get that plane ticket and discover the wonders of backpacking.



Gap Year Safety is the essential, comprehensive safety resource for anyone about to embark on their very first gap year or anyone wanting to travel the world safely. It is here to answer all your practical safety and security questions, relieve you of your fears and worries of what may happen and provide you with the tools, knowledge and information you will need to make sure you stay safe on your trip. With the information and knowledge contained in this book, many dangers and troubles can be avoided altogether, or at least dealt with safely if they do occur.

With comprehensive, expert advice from ex military personnel, self defence and close protection security experts as well as qualified health care professionals, this book is an absolute must read for anyone about to set off on their gap year or round the world adventure. Gap Year Safety includes extensive sections on pre trip planning to reduce any potential risk, advice on staying safe and not becoming a victim, common scams and cons around the world and how to spot, avoid or deescalate potentially violent situations, as well as professional advice on travel health issues, a section devoted to female backpacker concerns and much more. Gap Year Safety is the essential companion to any first time backpacker and will reassure, support and encourage you to follow your dreams of travelling the world and stay safe in the process.



20 Reasons to backpack around the world is an entertaining, lighthearted eBook available on Kindle, and is a fun, easy read that will make you smile, maybe make you think, and hopefully inspire you to pack your bag and head off on your very own backpacking adventure!

Backpacking around the world is a dream that many people have, but few people realise. The fear and excuses people hide behind to stop themselves from following that dream of independent world travel are extensive and and varied as the people who have them, yet it doesn’t have to be like this. Bemused Backpackers 20 reasons to backpack around the world blows some of these excuses out of the water completely as it explores just some of the best reasons why you should go backpacking.

So if you have always dreamed about travelling the world independently, discover your own tropical paradise, explore the natural and man made wonders of the world or embark on your very own around the world adventure but have never quite gotten around to it, then let Bemused Backpacker’s give you that push in the right direction! It will be the best decision you have ever made in your life!


Solo Female Backpacker Safety eBookTravelling the world independently as a solo female backpacker is one of the most amazing, rewarding and empowering things you can do for yourself, but there are practical and safety concerns that you have to deal with.

This book gives you expert advice and information on how you can keep yourself safe when travelling. It gives you the knowledge and tools you need to spot, avoid and deescalate trouble before it happens, and tells you what to do to keep yourself safe if something does go wrong. With advice and information on safety and personal security from qualified experts, the book also gives testimonials from female travellers who have been there and done that.

So if you are dreaming of setting off on your very own gap year but you are a little nervous about travelling solo or as a woman, you need to buy this eBook! Full of practical advice for you to ensure your backpacking trip is as safe as possible, the Solo Female Backpacker guide will also give you the inspiration and the push you need to travel the world on your own terms.


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