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It Is Time Airlines Dropped The Mask Mandates.

Wearing masks on flights is becoming normalised now, but it is time the mandates ended and it is time airlines stopped demanding masks on flights.

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10 Best Foods And Drinks You Must Try In Madeira.

Madeira is a stunning island that will amaze with its beauty, opportunity for adventure and endless attractions for travellers to discover, but it is Madeira’s food and drink that will truly make any trip here special. Here are the top 10 essential foods, drink and dining experiences you should not miss on your trip to Madeira.

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Discovering Porto Santo From Madeira.

Porto Santo is the perfect companion to a trip to Madeira. Where Madeira is lush, green and action packed, Porto Santo is eternally laid back and uncrowded with the perfect stretches of golden, sandy beaches that Madeira is missing. If you are looking for a quiet escape from everything then Porto Santo is the perfect quick break for you, and here is everything that you need to know to plan your visit.

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5 Best Festivals In The UAE You Need To Attend.

The United Arab Emirates is a diverse destination filled with gleaming, iconic metropolis sized cities, futuristic buildings, vast desert dunes and lush wadis, but one thing that still surprises visitors is the year round festivals that demand your attention! Here are just 5 of the best festivals you must see in the UAE no matter what time of year you visit!

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Flight Shaming Is Wrong And Will Not Help The Environment.

Flight shaming has been on the rise in the past few years with growing calls to ground all aircraft and stop flying altogether. As increasing numbers of people become more conscious of their environmental impact on the world the focus has inevitably turned to what is percieved as one of its biggest polluters, flying, and those travellers who fly a lot have come under increasing demands to stop. Envioronmental concerns are a good thing, but flight shaming is illogical and wrong, and is not the way to help the envioronment. In fact flight shaming may do far more harm than good.

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The Ultimate Abu Dhabi Beach Guide.

Abu Dhabi may be a surprising recomendation for a beach holiday, but it is also a perfect one! The Emirati state is perfectly located on the Arabian Gulf and has a range of man made and natural stretches of beautiful white sands to make this UAE city an amazing beach destination. Do you want to go to the beach in Abu Dhabi? Here is your ultimate guide to Abu Dhabi’s beaches, and everything you need to know about taking a beach holiday in Abu Dhabi!

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The Most Charming Small Towns In New York You Have To Visit.

New York is far more than just the city, and this small selection of charming towns and villages in New York State will hopefully show you that the entire region of New York is an incredibly underrated destination that is well worth taking the time to discover!

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Essential Do’s and Don’ts for Travellers in the UAE.

Essential do’s and don’t for travellers visiting the UAE.

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The Top 15 Things To See And Do In Madeira.

Madeira is one of Europes best kept travel secrets, a stunning volcanic island full of breathtaking scenery, adventure activities, exciting history and delicious cuisine, and here are the 15 best bucket list things to see and do in Madeira.

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Restarting Travel Respectfully.

After a prolonged period of forced lockdowns the world is once again starting to open up to travel, but are backpackers themselves ready to return to travel? Will we go back to a world of overtourism, disrespecting local cultures and monuments and using the world as a drunken playground? Or will travellers take the time to reflect, leave a positive impact and practice respectful travel?

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