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This section is here to give you all the advice and information you need concerning travel health, with professional advice from a qualified nurse. 

Backpacking your way around the world will be one of the best experiences of your life, but it is really important that you consider your health before and during your travels. Far too often it is a subject that people either overlook completely or get overly scared about, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground on this issue. But it really doesn’t have to be like that at all, as with your personal security and safety, a little bit of knowledge and a bit of preparation can go a long way and keep you fit and healthy to enjoy your trip.

The following pages and articles aren’t here to scare you or act as a doomsayer that will negate any chance of anyone ever actually travelling anywhere, but they are here to give you some of the basic knowledge and information you will need to be aware of any risks and keeping yourself safe and healthy, and the best things you can do if you do get ill, or to minimize any potential risks of getting sick in the first place.

Health Information And Advice

Pre Trip Health Tips.

7 Easy Steps To Deal With Medical Emergencies On Your Gap Year.

The Essential Travel Health Checklist Before You Go On Your Gap Year.

Travel Vaccinations.

The Ultimate Guide To Travel Vaccinations.

What Vaccinations Do You Need?

Why Travel Vaccinations Are Important.

Malaria and Antimalarials.

15 Common Malaria Myths Debunked.

Anti Malarial Medication.

Do You Really Need Anti Malarial Medication On Your Gap Year?

Malaria And Dengue Fever.

Mosquito Avoidance.

Insect Borne Diseases.

My Battle With Dengue Fever In India.

Should You Be Worried About Dengue Fever On Your Gap Year?

What is Zika Virus And Why Should Travellers Be Aware Of It?

General Travel Health.

Ask A Nurse. 10 Of Your Most Common Travel Health Questions Answered.

Top 10 Health Mistakes Every Traveller Makes.

Travel Sickness and Illness.

Common Backpacker Illnesses And Diseases.

Sexual Health Advice For Backpackers.

The Most Common Travel Ruining Illnesses And How To Beat Them.

Travelling With Pre Existing Medical Conditions.

Travel Injuries and First Aid.

First Aid Kit Checklist.

Travel Fitness.

How To Lose Weight, Get Fit And Travel The World At The Same Time.

How To Stay Fit And Healthy On Your Gap Year.

Quick And Easy Tips On How To Exercise On Your Gap Year.

Travel and Mental Health.

How To Beat Jet Lag.

How To Deal With Reverse Culture Shock After Your Gap Year.

It Really Is A Lonely Planet.

Important Contacts

Travel Health Pro     CDC     World Health Organisation Travel

Fit For Travel

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Having as much travel health information and understanding as possible is essential before you head out on your gap year, but remember that your own research should never be considered as a replacement for professional advice and information from a qualified health professional.

You should always still seek advice where needed, as your GP or specialist nurse will have access to your past medical history and other information about you and your trip that will be unique to you that they can tailor any advice to.

Bemused Backpacker Travel Clinic

My Online Travel Clinic is here to give you all the answers to your travel health questions from a qualified and registered specialist nurse.

Have you read all the information but still need a little more specific advice? Is there a travel health issue that you are worried about and need a little reassurance on? Need some information on malaria, or which vaccinations you will need? Is there a travel health issue you would like to ask about in complete confidence?

Well I am here to help.

Apart from being an experienced backpacker with over 10 years travel experience, I am also a qualified nurse with an interest in emergency nursing and travel medicine and practical experience volunteering as an expedition medic in numerous countries.

The Bemused Backpacker Travel Clinic is an indispensable resource for you to gain reassurance, expert information and qualified advice for any and all of your travel health related questions. To head into the Travel Clinic, click here.

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