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I have been backpacking around the world for over a decade now, and that combined knowledge and experience has helped fuel the advice, tips and inspiration that has led to the publication of a successful series of gap year and backpacking guide books and the continued growth of the Bemused Backpacker website.

In an effort to continue to be as helpful and inspiring as possible to or potential travellers and extend our reach to become a vital travel resource, Bemused Backpacker now offers a range of qualified and professional travel services to backpackers and travellers as well as travel industry and educational professionals.

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Worried or nervous about certain aspects of your upcoming trip? Are you letting fear stop you from travelling altogether? Are the fears and worries of your parents or loved ones getting in the way of your trip? Then this service is for you!

Covering everything from what you need to know before you go, how to stay safe on the road, how to deal with and avoid danger or difficult situations and what to do if something does go wrong, this consultation service is an absolute must for anyone about to embark on their first gap year or round the world adventure!

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With expert, qualified advice for anyone travelling abroad, the Bemused Backpacker travel clinic gives all travellers unbiased, professional advice and health information based on their own specific trips and needs. With advice on everything from malaria, dengue fever and antimalarial prophylaxis to what vaccinations you will need and even common traveller illnesses, this is an essential service for any backpacker or world traveller.

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Bemused Backpacker is proud to offer a range of services aimed at educational professionals that serve to support BTEC Travel and Tourism curriculum at key stage 4 and 5 and assist with any travel related course content. Bemused Backpacker also assists with the logistical planning and arrangement of a variety of school trips that can be tailored to your schools curriculum needs.

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