The Seductive Soul Of Triana, Seville.

My time in Seville was made all the more special by a visit to a small, local neighbourhood that most tourists don’t make the time to see.   Despite the frankly uninspired and borderline delapidated bus station I loved Seville from the

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Travel Safety Advice For Arriving At A New Destination.

For many travellers, arriving in a new city or country for the first time is often when they are at their most vulnerable, especially for those travelling solo. Here are some basic but expert travel safety tips that will decrease

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The Good And The Bad Of Elephant Tourism In Sri Lanka.

Elephant Safaris are a major part of Sri Lanka’s eco tourism industry, but are they all as responsible as they claim to be? Sri Lanka is renowned for having one of the most biodiverse and species rich countries on the

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Dropping Out In The Best Yoga Retreat In The World.

On the surface, Ulpotha appears to be nothing more than a simple yoga retreat, the type of destination where style matters more than substance and stressed middle class professionals and privileged youth come to assuage their soul with whatever alternative

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10 Realities Of Quitting Your Job To Travel The World.

Quitting your job to travel the world is a romantic ideal, and one that is frequently pondered by almost everyone as they struggle with the morning commute on another wet and miserable Monday morning, but is the reality all it

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Just One More Thing In Colombo.

Like many travellers Colombo had never really been on my radar as a must see destination, but a short visit here changed my mind and opened my eyes to what an amazing city Colombo really is. Colombo has not had

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Top 10 Health Mistakes Every Traveller Makes.

Every traveller knows that getting all your travel health care needs taken care of before you step on the plane is essential and many do make these all important preparations. Despite this there are so many travellers who still neglect

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