Three Days In Mumbai.

Mumbai is many travellers first introduction to India and is perhaps single handedly responsible for the vast majority of culture shock that most backpackers have to deal with. It is vibrantly dilapidated, unapologetically fast paced, chaotically crowded and irrepressibly insane, and it

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Top 10 Things To Do In Belize.

Belize instantly brings up adventurous ideals of thick, impenetrable jungle that only the most fervent of Bear Grylls enthusiasts can visit, but there is so much more to this almost hidden tropical paradise than that. Here are just 10 of

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How To Avoid The Annoying Touts In Egypt.

Touts in Egypt can be relentlessly annoying and aggressive in their attempts to extract money off tourists, and this can for many people ruin what should be an otherwise enjoyable experience visiting some of the worlds greatest historical sites and

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Is The United Airlines PR Debacle A Line In The Sand For Passenger Rights?

A video of a United Airlines passenger being dragged off flight 3411 against his will has gone viral and has left United Airlines with yet another PR disaster in an ever increasing line of them, but will this incident bring

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How To Travel With Diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that is far more prevalent than people think, but contrary to popular belief it is not one that – if managed well – should stop you from travelling or jumping into your own adventures around the

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Walk Like An Egyptian.

To see the true beauty of Egypt and her people, you have to get away from the packaged resorts and travel independently. Slow down, be a little spontaneous, take the time to see it properly, let Egypt show herself to you

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5 Free Things To Do In Tel Aviv.

Travel doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think, and even some of the most expensive destinations in the world have some amazing free sites and activities to keep even the tightest of budgets happy. Tel Aviv is one

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