Thailand’s Tiger Temple Is Reopening.

After being shut down and having the full extent of it’s abuse and illegality put on full display for the world to see last year, now the infamous Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi is to reopen with a new name.  Last

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Top 10 Tips For A Stress Free Trip.

Travel can be stressful, especially if you are heading off on a long term gap year or backpacking trip, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are my top tips for staying stress free on your next trip, most of

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Travelling For Treatment, Everything You Need To Know About Medical Tourism.

Medical tourism is a growing trend amongst travellers. If you are considering having any treatment done as part of your travels, then here is everything you need to know before you go. For a long time, the only time backpackers

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Is Australia Becoming Too Dangerous For Backpackers Fearful Of Sexual Assault?

With one more high profile case of a woman being held against her will and raped in Australia being sensationalised in the media, questions are being asked whether or not Australia is becoming too dangerous for young female backpackers.  A

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The Art Of Backpacking, Be Spontaneous.

Travelling spontaneously is an age old travel custom and a backpacking art that is slowly being lost in the age of pre booking apps and gap year itineraries. I want to put that spirit of adventure back into travel and

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Making And Breaking Friendships When You Travel The World.

Travelling the world is a glorious adventure, and one where you will meet some of the most amazing, decent, crazy and sometimes downright mental people on the planet. But playing the game of social roulette and constant hellos and goodbyes

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How To Make Friends And Meet People When Travelling Solo.

Travelling solo is one of the best ways to travel, but a lot of people worry that they will get lonely or that they will be alone most of the time. This simply isn’t true. Here are some of the

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