What To Expect At Israel’s Airport Security.

Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv is infamous amongst travellers for being seriously heavy with security. Horror stories of innocent travellers being detained for hours, missing flights and intrusive luggage checks are the norm, and the average traveller

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Where To Travel In 2017.

With so many amazing destinations to choose from when planning your gap year or backpacking trip for 2017, how do you make a decision on where to go? The Bemused Backpacker 2017 destination guide is here to help you and

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Is Israel Safe? Perception Versus Reality.

When people think of travelling to Israel the question of safety and security always comes up. The truth of the matter is the reality is very different to what many people assume. What comes to mind when you hear the

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Brexit Package Holiday Surcharge? Just Travel Independently Instead!

Some travel companies are starting to add surcharges to already paid for holidays because the pound has supposedly crashed since Brexit, and traditional holidaymakers are not happy. Is this right? Mark Warner Holidays are the latest company to invoke a

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Sunrises And Suicides At Masada National Park.

A simple Masada sunrise tour from Tel Aviv led me to explore another one of the Holy Land’s extensive biblical landmarks, one with a history of opulent luxury, violent war and one of the first recorded mass suicides, the infamous

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7 Unique Budget Places To Stay In Ireland.

Ireland is a unique country to travel through, steeped in myths and legends as well as a turbulent past, it is full of ancient archaeological sites to visit (and sites from a certain popular TV show and movie franchise) and

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Why United Airlines Basic Economy Tickets Worry Me.

United Airlines has just introduced a new basic economy ticket, which strips away the already bare bone ‘luxuries’ of economy class travel completely, including the use of the overhead bin. This is just another landmark in a worrying race to

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