Is Kalamata In Greece Worth Visiting?

Kalamata in Greece is Messinia’s capital and the second largest city in the Peloponnese. Known largely as a working seaport and for its olive production, most travellers rush through on their way to somewhere else, if they even spend time here at all. But is Kalamata really worth visiting? Is it really worth slowing down and spending some time in? The short answer is a resounding yes! Travellers who give it a chance will discover it has so much more to offer than a first glance would suggest.

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The Cats Of Greece: The Purrfect Travel Companions.

Greece is a popular destination famous for its myth and legend, its ancient history and breathtaking islands and beaches, but it is also famous for being home to a population of cats that hold a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. These feline inhabitants have become an integral part of Greek culture, symbolizing the Greek way of life and the enduring spirit of the country, and are the purrfect temporary companion for any solo traveller.

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Visiting Ancient Olympia In Greece, The Birthplace Of The Olympic Games.

Take a walk through the valley of the gods in the Peloponnese region of Greece to discover the myth and history behind ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games. This article will inspire you to visit one of Greece’s most iconic cultural attractions, highlight the must see sights and give you all the essential information you need to know to visit Ancient Olympia.

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Hiking The Mythical Polilimnio Waterfalls In Greece.

Away from the beaches and the historical wonders of the Peloponnese, Greece hides a mythical land of lush greenery, interconnected lakes and spectacular stepped waterfalls, and a hike to the Polilimnio Waterfall from Kalamata revealed much more than just spectacular scenery.

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Dos And Don’ts For Travelling In Greece: Customs And Etiquette For First Time Travellers.

Planning a trip to Greece? These culture and etiquette dos and don’ts will help you get the most out of your trip!

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Off The Beaten Path Europe: 15 Of The Best Hidden Gem European Destinations.

Europe is one of the most visited destinations on the planet, full of amazingly popular destinations, but it still has a wide variety of off the beaten path places to visit too. Here are just 15 of the best hidden gems you have to visit in Europe.

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Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Visit The Wilder Kaiser Region In Austria.

The Wilder Kaiser region is a year round destination with a lot to offer travellers who visit in the spring. Here is why spring is the perfect time to visit the Wilder Kaiser region.

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Explore Liverpool’s Musical Heritage On A Walking Tour For Eurovision.

Ahead of Liverpool hosting the Eurovision Song Contest this May, it is an ideal time to celebrate the city’s musical heritage and explore the must see bars, venues and museums that music lovers can’t miss when they visit Liverpool.

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40 Of The Best Things To See And Do In Spain.

Spain is the quintessential European holiday destination, but there is far more to see and do than the beaches, nightclubs and resorts! Here are just 40 of the best things to see and do in Spain to help you plan your next trip!

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The 10 Best Things To See And Do In Seville, Spain.

Seville has more than enough attractions to keep any traveller enthralled for a lifetime, but with so much to see and do in such a small period of time how do you choose? If you are planning a trip or a city break to Seville, here are the best things to see and do on every budget.

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