Is The Hostelworld Advert Contributing To The Negative Image Of Backpackers After The Nude Selfie Backlash?

A new advert for the rebranded and spruced up Hostelworld shows backpackers stripping naked and jumping into a stunning Mexican sinkhole, but with recent incidents of backpackers getting into legal trouble and even being deported for stripping off around the world, is this advert just bad timing? Or is it contributing to the already negative stereotype that backpackers  are nothing more than hedonistic thrill seekers who do not respect the places or cultures they visit?

Let’s face it, backpackers in general do not have a good reputation at the moment in western society. Or the rest of the world for that matter.

The inexplicable craze for stripping off in front of famous monuments or grand landscapes is making everything even worse. The craze has been growing in recent months and even though these disrespectful tourists are in the absolute minority, now infamous stories in the media of these naked tourists being arrested, deported and insulting the countries and cultures they are visiting has reinforced the erroneous stereotype that backpackers do nothing but drunkenly stumble from one full moon party to the next in complete disregard of culture, norms or religious beliefs and sensitivities.

I mean really, we all know it isn’t accurate, not for a great many backpackers at least, but it’s hardly a great image is it?

gap year safety

Tourist V Traveller.

There is often a high brow paradigm that there really is no difference between a traveller and a tourist, that we are all really just tourists at the end of the day, that we are all travellers too. I’m sorry but that is rubbish, incidents like this just prove it. I am a backpacker, I am an independent traveller. And I refuse to be labelled alongside those idiot tourists who think it is okay to strip off at a sacred site and insult a cultures beliefs and norms.

Unfortunately the marketing departments in the gap year industry seem to be latching onto this stereotype, aiming their marketing squarely at the ‘very young and adventurous’, with ‘spontaneous fun’ becoming a buzz word to target their focus groups with.  There seems to be a paradigm now amongst the gap year industry that their target market are all hedonistic fun seekers, and they are perpetuating this fallacy that the epitome of ‘living life to the full’ means stripping off and running with wild abandon into the unknown. There are some – not just Hostelworld – who even use this stereotype as an excuse for otherwise appalling behaviour. Radhika Sanghani, writing in the Telegraph argues that backpackers stripping naked on mount Kinabalu can just be dismissed as just a bit of fun, just a prank by someone who was fulfilling the ethos of being a backpacker by ‘living life to the full’.

Apart from the fact that everything about that sentence and her assumption is completely wrong, since when did living life to the full involve stripping off and insulting everyone?

Worst timing ever?

Now to be fair, there is a heavy dose of bad timing on the part of the Hostelworld ad. I’m sure – given that backpackers are their prime audience – that they wouldn’t want to do anything to offend the community as a whole or bring it into disrepute. They weren’t to know that when they released the ad, at the very same time some fool tourists would be getting very publicly shamed and deported for stripping off on top of mount Kinabalu and offending local tribes in Malaysia.

But by the same token they frankly should have known better too!

A host of countries and tourism authorities are starting to clamp down hard on the nude selfie craze, Angkor Wat is the latest major tourist site to do just that with ‘common sense guidelines being displayed prominently at the site itself as well as being distributed to hotels and tour groups. Malaysia is following suit after the recent media frenzy following the arrest and deportation of tourists on Mount Kinabalu, and Egypt, Machu Picchu and even Everest have seen their fair share of these disrespectful tourists, and many are not happy about it.

Did no one at Hostelworld just stop for a moment and think maybe this isn’t such a good idea? Or was this the brainchild of a middle aged marketing executive desperate to be hip and  appeal to that ‘young adventurer’ target audience who couldn’t quite let the erroneous stereotype go?

Why is being ‘young and spontaneous’ equated with stripping off?

Is this what ‘adventure’ is now? Have all the wonderful and exciting experiences that make up that grandest of words all been boiled down to a  vacuous and self obsessed need to vainly show off how crazy and out there we are by getting naked for a selfie?

We are better than that aren’t we?

Backpackers are both Hostelworld’s target audience and their customers, and have been for quite a while now. Long enough for Hostelworld to know the backpacker community pretty well. They know that whilst there are groups of backpackers who are hedonistic party seekers and are barely above a package tourist in their knowledge of and respect for local customs and cultures, they are in the relative minority.

Time to focus on the positive.

But there are also backpackers who travel to broaden their minds, improve themselves and at least try to improve the world around them too.

Backpacking around the world is one of the grandest adventures anyone can have in their lives, and people do take on that adventure to live life to the fullest, but many backpackers seek that adventure without stripping off. Many backpackers take the time to get to know local communities, cultures and religions, expanding their own minds and understanding of the world around them. By simple virtue of travelling through and understanding other cultures they become more tolerant, more respectful, more empathic and compassionate. Backpackers are often the type to embrace adventure, not the type that involves superficially stripping off, but real adventure. The type of adventure that makes a person bolder and self confident, self reliant, more social, more enterprising and adaptable to sudden changes.

Many backpackers volunteer their time and give back to community projects or causes close to their hearts, incorporating the ethics of responsible travel into their own adventures and making positive contributions to the world around them as they travel.

As a collective whole backpackers frankly make up some of the best people on this planet. Yes, many backpackers are free spirited and enjoy spontaneous fun and adventure, but they do that in a positive way, with their clothes on.

And Hostelworld do know that. They see that in the scores of backpackers that use their service every day.

So why not celebrate that aspect of taking a gap year? Why not show all the positives of being a backpacker – a traveller – beyond the limited stereotype of stripping off and doing something crazy because apparently that is what constitutes ‘craving an adventure’?

Why not make an advert that shows a nervous first time backpacker coming out of their shell, seeking real adventure by exploring tropical jungles and vast mountain ranges, gaining new, valuable skills like diving or climbing, participating in activities that most people only ever dream of and seeing wonders of the world first hand. Why not show backpackers making a difference in a responsible volunteer capacity or gaining career experience by teaching English abroad? Why not show all the positives that being a backpacker is all about?

Let’s show the world who backpackers really are, and what backpacking the world is really like. 

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Michael Huxley is a published author, freelance travel writer and founder of Bemused Backpacker. He is also a charge nurse by vocation with an interest in emergency nursing and travel medicine, but his real passion is travel. Since finding his wanderlust a decade ago in South East Asia, he has bounced from one end of the planet to another and has no intention of slowing down.

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4 comments on “Is The Hostelworld Advert Contributing To The Negative Image Of Backpackers After The Nude Selfie Backlash?
  1. Gail says:

    Good article – backpacking used to be a way of experiencing the world by trying to fit in with the cultures and environments. Now some people just view it as an excuse for sending selfies of themselves partying somewhere other than their local bar on a saturday night.

    • Thanks Gail, I think for most backpackers/travellers that is still very much the case. Backpacking has not changed in that respect, it is still for the majority a way of independently experiencing the world by trying to fit in with the cultures and environments. There is a small minority of those ‘party set’ travellers who in reality are no better than tourists, but they are far from the norm and backpackers – or backpacking – should not be judged on their example. I think the rise in the gap year industry, where the traditional package tour travel industry has encroached into the independent travel space (look at packages sold by places like STA travel, G Adventures etc for examples) have seen a blur between the 18 – 30 holiday crowd and ‘backpacking’, but they should not be seen as advocates for the entire traveller community. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    I was talking to my younger cousin about this the other day. She just finished medical school and wants to do a gap year before starting residency. But I know she’s going to travel because she’s fascinated with those cultures, and right now she doesn’t know when she’s going to have as much free time. The difference with her (at 24) and with me (at 36) is none, despite the age gap: we both left our homes to study when we were kids, and were pushed way out of that comfort zone. I have a feeling that most of these kids haven’t, but I could be making assumptions.

    • Tell your cousin to go for it Sandra! She’s earned a break after her degree, believe me! And there’s nothing stopping her travelling in the future either! I travel around my career all the time! ;D

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