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5 Of The Worlds Best Backpacker Diving Spots.

Getting a PADI certificate and diving some of the world’s most beautiful – and sometimes scary – seascapes is one of the all time great bucket list items for any backpacker. But where do you go? Checkout my top 5 list of the world’s best diving locations.

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Lime Tree Hotel Review, Kuching, Borneo.

A surprising abundance of understated luxury, comfort, customer service and a healthy devotion to responsible tourism, the Lime Tree Hotel was a hidden gem in the heart of Borneo.

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Responsible Orang Utan Spotting In Semenggoh Wildlife Centre.

Seeing orangutans in their natural habitat is a major bucket list item for many gap year travellers, and many head to Borneo and Indonesia specifically for a bit of wild orangutan spotting, but not every opertor is ethical. If you want to view orangutans in the wild then it is essential to do so in a responsible and ethical way, and Semenggoh orangutan rehabilitation centre is set up to do just that.

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Palm Oil Is Burning Borneo.

Borneo is burning. Orang utans are being made extinct and their once beautiful natural habitat is being destroyed by greed and the relentless expansion of the palm oil industry. Here is what travellers can do about it.

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Is The Hostelworld Advert Contributing To The Negative Image Of Backpackers After The Nude Selfie Backlash?

Is a new advert for the rebranded Hostelworld contributing to the already negative stereotype that backpackers  are nothing more than hedonistic thrill seekers who do not respect the places or cultures they visit?

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You Can’t Treat A Malaysian Mountain Like A Drunken Pool Party.

Travelling the world is an awesome privilege, but it does not give backpackers the right to get drunk and behave in any way they like.

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Kuching. The City Of Cats.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived in Borneo on a short hop flight from Kuala Lumpur, but it certainly wasn’t a city devoted to and revolving entirely around cats! Discovering Kuching in Borneo was a true travel adventure that I will never forget!

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