Langland Bay House Bed And Breakfast Review, Swansea, Wales.

Langland Bay House Wales

The Langland Bay Bed and Breakfast is a gorgeous Victorian house in a stunning beach location that made a short weekend break to Wales something really special. Situated on the award winning and picturesque Langland Bay and surrounded by mature gardens, it really is an oasis in an already beautiful spot and is the perfect seaside getaway for any visit to Swansea and Mumbles.

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I arrived in Swansea in the early afternoon after a typically tiring journey on the UK’s generally depressing public transport system, and I had not been looking forward to finding my way around in what had slowly become  heavy rain throughout the morning. Luckily I had received a text during my journey from the owner of Langland Bay House, offering to pick me up from the station because it was raining. I accepted readily and gratefully, and found that this would only be the beginning of what was exceptional personal service.

Wales is well known for it’s friendly hospitality, and the owners of Langland Bay House epitomised that stereotype perfectly. They were welcoming and unobtrusive, but seriously friendly and helpful when it came to tips and advice. I was only staying in Swansea and Mumbles for the weekend, and they really helped me make the most of my visit and feel at home in theirs, and that is something genuinely special.

That is exactly why I love staying in homestays or guesthouses around the world, that personal touch, the family atmosphere that you simply don’t get in the majority of accommodation types, and I received that here in spades.

Bed and breakfast’s don’t always have the best of reputations in the UK – with seaside cheap and cheerful being the best you could always hope for in the past – but Langland Bay House is one of the new breed of boutique accommodation options that still offer the great value and personal service you’d expect from a B&B, but are putting many grand hotel chains to shame when it comes to quality and service.

In many ways it has retained the best parts of being a family run bed and breakfast, that feeling of being part of someones home, that personal service that comes from being one of only a couple of guests, and the charm and uniqueness that comes from staying in what is someone’s home, but the Langland Bay House has also raised the quality bar significantly.

Langland Bay House Wales (4)

Situated almost directly on Langland Bay in Mumbles, the bed and breakfast wows you from the start with stunning views of the beach and coastline beyond a beautifully maintained garden. Quite frankly with views like this from the bedroom and the lounge areas, they could have easily let standards drop and coasted on that alone as so many others do, but this was not the case.

The room itself was inviting and comfortable, with a soft, springy bed and a wealth of character. It was spotlessly clean and immaculate. with amenities such as a choice of feather pillows, high end toiletries and more coming as standard, far beyond any expectations of what a bed and breakfast should have.

Langland bay House Wales (1)

This is exactly what makes a good room great, and a good bed and breakfast surpass boutique standards.

The en suite shower room was a little cosy, but more than adequate for two peoples needs and again spotlessly clean.

Langland bay House Wales (3)

I was really glad that the rain from the first afternoon cleared up by the next morning and was replaced with bright sunshine, as this allowed me to explore some of the surrounding beach. The Langland Bay House is so perfectly situated on Langland beach that it would have been criminal to miss this opportunity.

Perfectly evoking the images of those British classics The Secret Garden and The Famous Five, a large white gate sits at the bottom of the beautifully maintained and manicured garden, surrounded by shrubs and flowers and just beckoning people to come and see what adventure lays beyond it. In reality it leads to a small path to the beach itself, but given the beauty of the beach, the timeless nature of the quintessential seaside ambiance and the history of the dramatic coastline, you could very well imagine you were in those timeless stories of adventure and fantasy.

Swansea Bay Gower Coast Wales travel guide

Langland beach itself is simply stunning, and that location simply adds to the special charm this bed and breakfast offers. The downside to this fantastic location is that it is a short ten minute walk to Mumbles itself and it does feel slightly apart from it, but that isn’t a huge downfall when you consider what you get in return. In fact some people might say that it is a benefit. The walk into Mumbles is a little uphill in parts, but not so much that it should cause an issue for most people.

Beach and coastline in Swansea and Gower coast, Wales

Returning from my short, early morning walk I was starving and ready for breakfast, and being a bed and breakfast I would be remiss not to mention it given how much of an experience it is to have breakfast here. Let me preface this however by giving you a mental picture of the usual British B&B standard, which is a simple fry up and a few cereal boxes fom the local supermarket. All absolutely fine of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there is nothing special about it either. It is bland, boring.

Breakfast at the Langland Bay House however is far, far removed from that. All locally sourced and fresh as possible, the cooked Welsh breakfast was perfect and was complimented by toast, home made jams and even locally sourced fresh honey. There were also cereals of course, but these were presented with fresh yoghurts and fruits.

I also had the chance to try the traditional Welsh delicacy of Larver bread, which is actually a type of seaweed that had been collected fresh from the beach I was looking at while I was eating it. You cannot get fresher than that, and it was a lot nicer than it looked! Especially with the cooked breakfast! I have been to Wales before but I had never tried this local delicacy and I am really glad I got to try it this time.

And all of this was served in the dining room that really gave you a sense of dining in a grand country mansion. It’s certainly a great way to start the day and spoil yourself a little.

Mumbles and the Gower are truly must see places to add to your bucket lists, and there is no better place to stay in this stunning part of the world than this friendly, comfortable and amazingly situated bed and breakfast.

The Langland Bay House Bed and Breakfast is situated on Langland Bay Road, Swansea, Wales.

Ready to book? The Langland Bay’s website can be found here.

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26 comments on “Langland Bay House Bed And Breakfast Review, Swansea, Wales.
  1. Galanda says:

    From you description, I concluded that Langland Bay House Bed And Breakfast was actually a good surprise. After all, this is what we all want when we travel. I had some not quite so pleasant experiences with some bed and breakfasts, so we are now more carefully what we chose after this happened.

  2. Jo Hinkley says:

    This place looks so sweet! Is it good for couples?

  3. Sarah Fitzimons says:

    Wow this place looks perfect for a weekend getaway. I had no idea Swansea could be so pretty

  4. John says:

    Is the beach really so close to the B&B? As in does it have sea views? Or is that just some clever photography?

    • Yes it really is and yes it does, the room we stayed in had a great sea view, the little landing conservatory had one too, and the beach is so close you can walk to the bottom of the long garden, walk out the wooden gate and you are right there on the beach! It’s perfect.

  5. Jay says:

    I was thinking of checking out Swansea in a few months after reading some of your posts about the coast, this looks like a great place to stay, how much is it to stay here?

  6. Michelle says:

    Wow 😲 this place is so pretty!

  7. Martin says:

    Your photos are amazing! Wales can’t be that picturesque!

  8. Preeti says:

    How cute a place is this. I need to start planning a weekend away now after reading this!

  9. Glen says:

    Perfect! Was looking for somewhere for a surprise weekend getaway for me and the GF, thanks for the review.

  10. Shelley says:

    Oh that breakfast sounds so good! I stay a lot in B&Bs and more often than not they are easily forgettable at best, this sounds like a cut above.

  11. Alex says:

    You’ve convinced me, I’m planning a visit there in the summer and will definitely check this place out.

  12. Eve says:

    This hotel sounds amazing but you mentioned that it is a good walk from where everything is in Mumbles, is this a big issue because my husband has slight mobility issues and can’t walk for long. Thank you in advance for replying.

    • Hi Eva, no problem at all. It is a bit of a walk and is uphill in parts but shouldn’t be a problem for most people if you just take your time. If you find it is just a little too far a taxi can be taken for just a few pounds.

  13. Carol says:

    What a cute little place! I’m dreaming of a weekend getaway at the moment and this looks perfect. Is there a lot to do around there?

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