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10 Easy Ways To Save Money For Travel.

Travelling the world is expensive, there’s no real way around that. Sure there are ways to travel cheaply and tips and tricks to make world travel cheaper, but either way you will need to have a good chunk of cash in a savings account to fund your round the world adventure. Here are some essential tips to make saving for your gap year or backpacking trip that much easier.

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My Personal Travel Packing List Essentials!

No matter where I am going or how long for, there are some items that I always pack and carry with me when I travel around the world. I’m not just talking about your bog standard travel packing list, these are my own personal travel essentials, the things that I have to pack and cannot do without on any trip.

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Win A Copy Of Backpacking: The Ultimate Guide To First Time Around The World Travel.

To get you started on the road to planning your trip I’m giving away a copy of my book Backpacking: the ultimate guide to first time around the world travel!

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Which Round The World Route Is Right For You?

There are endless options when it comes to taking a gap year, do you fly around the world or stick to one region? Get a one way ticket or a single RTW one? It can be extremely confusing trying to choose between the wide range of choices for round the world tickets and gap year routes, so how do you decide which one is right for you?

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How To Completely Blow Your Budget When Backpacking. (Or Ways To Avoid Blowing It!)

How to plan a solid travel budget, manage your money abroad and avoid blowing all your cash when travelling.

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Turn Your Gap Year Dreams Into Reality.

Stop dreaming of taking a gap year and take these practical steps to turn those dreams of world travel into a reality!

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How To Deal With Unsupportive Reactions To Your Gap Year.

A guide to dealing with negative reactions from parents and loved ones when you want to take a gap year

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Excuse Buster Series Part 2: It’s Too Expensive To Travel!

Is it really too expensive to travel the world or is that just an excuse made up by people too afraid to take a gap year?

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What Type Of Backpacker Are You?

With so many types of backpacker on their gap year, what type of traveller are you?

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