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Should You Pay To Volunteer On Your Gap Year?

You are planning your gap year and want to give something back while you travel the world, you want to volunteer. You want to help someone and do something good! But they are asking you to pay? What the hell

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Travel Safety Advice For Arriving At A New Destination.

For many travellers, arriving in a new city or country for the first time is often when they are at their most vulnerable, especially for those travelling solo. Here are some basic but expert travel safety tips that will decrease

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How Travelling In Your 30s Is Different Than In Your 20s.

So many people view a gap year as a once in a lifetime thing, a one shot deal. One year out when you are young to have the adventure of a lifetime before you have to grow up, settle down

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5 Of The World Best Backpacker Diving Spots.

Getting a PADI certificate and diving some of the world’s most beautiful – and sometimes scary – seascapes is one of the all time great bucket list items for any backpacker. But where do you go? Checkout my top 5

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Why Travel Insurance Is Essential On Your Gap Year.

Planning your gap year is an exciting process, full of opportunity and wonder, and the last thing you want to do is think about anything going wrong. The problem is, you need to. It is essential that you spend at

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The Reality Of Fear And The Truth About Travel Safety.

Fear of becoming a victim of crime continues to dominate almost every discourse on gap year or independent world travel, despite the facts and the statistics showing that relatively speaking it is no more dangerous than staying at home. I

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Getting Lost In Travel Can Help You Find Your Way.

There has been a backlash in recent years against the traditional path western society tries to impose on people. Leaving school, getting  a job, getting married, having kids and then paying bills until you die is now not enough. Many are

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