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The Best Hotels And Places To Stay In Liverpool, England.

Looking for a hotel, hostel or boutique accommodation in Liverpool? This list of the best places to stay in Liverpool will help you plan your next staycation or city break.

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Why Backpackers Don’t Just Stay In Hostels. (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)!

Backpacking around the world doesn’t mean you are limited to just staying in hostels, there is a whole re of accommodation options you can choose from!

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FSC Preston Montford Hostel Review, Shropshire, UK.

FSC Preston Montfort is a unique accomodation option for all travellers who love the great outdoors and want to get back to nature. This working field study centre for enviorontmental sciences doubles as a hostel and B&B, and up until now has largely been the hidden secret of specialist academic, scientific and school groups. With easy access to some of the most spectacular national parks and areas of natural beauty in the UK, nature loving travellers are lucky to have this extraordinary hidden gem to sleep in.

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A Beginners Guide To Hostel Rules And Etiquette On Your Gap Year.

Staying in a hostel is a quintessential gap year experience, but it can be a bit daunting for first timers. Get the lowdown on the unwritten rules and unspoken do’s and don’ts, and let me help you with all the hostel etiquette that will stop you from becoming the most hated traveller in the dorm!

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How To Find And Choose The Perfect Hostel On Your Gap Year.

Knowing how to find and choose a decent hostel is an essential skill on your gap year and can mean the difference between an awesome experience and a bad one. Let me show you exactly what you need to know, how to find the right hostel for you, what to look out for and what to avoid when choosing a place to stay on your travels.

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Granada Inn Hostel Review, Granada, Spain.

The Granada Inn Hostel in Granada, Spain, is a fantastic place to stay that has embraced the idea of the quality, boutique hostel with both arms, and is a perfect place to call home as you explore Granada.

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Backpacker Accommodation Alternatives; Beyond The Hostel.

Accommodation options for backpackers on a gap year have widened significantly in recent years, this article explores some of the best places you can find a bed for the night when travelling the world.

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The Unwritten Rules Of Hostel Etiquette.

There are many unwritten rules about staying in hostels on your gap year, and these are rules that every backpacker staying in a hostel should learn and live by if they don’t want to become that guest that everyone hates.

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Top Tips On Choosing A Good Backpacker Hostel On Your Gap Year.

How to find and choose the best hostels to stay in on your gap year

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