Arcido Faroe Backpack Review.

Arcido Faroe Backpack Review

One bag travel, or carry on only travel, is becoming an increasingly popular way of seeing the world, and the Arcido Faroe backpack is designed to make that experience as sleek, streamlined and as stylish as possible. 

This is a paid article written in partnership with Arcido with products or services supplied by them. Full editorial integrity is maintained at all times. The views and opinions expressed are entirely the authors own based on personal experiences when travelling and are honest and factual without any bias.

The Arcido Faroe backpack is a 35 litre backpack that has been perfectly designed for the needs of the carry on only traveller.

At 35 litres it is small enough to comply with most airlines already stringent carry on size requirements, and is extremely lightweight at just under 2 ibs, thanks to the lightweight Kodra material and PU lining.

The material itself is like nothing I have felt before on many other backpacks. It is very nice to the touch and it does give the backpack an almost luxury luggage feel. Honestly I’m not sure how well this luxurious quality will fare against the usual rugged strength I am used to but only time will tell on that one. In the short time I have been using the pack the quality has held up really well with no scuffs or damage that I can see.

The Comfort Level.

The Faroe backpack is very comfortable to carry, even when packed full. The back is well padded and has a small air pocket which helps when carrying it in hot environments. The only negatives comfort wise are the straps and the hip belt. The straps themselves aren’t quite the straight type as they do have a very slight S curve, but they aren’t far off it and are very basic with minimal padding. To be fair at 35 litres the backpack should never really be heavy enough that this will be an issue and as I previously mentioned it is still comfortable to carry even when full, but still, thin basic shoulder straps are never ideal.

The detachable hip pads are another very slight negative as frankly they don’t really add any comfort or functionality to the pack at all. I do like the fact they both have tiny little zippered pockets on them but honestly you could take them both off and never miss them.

The Space.

Now this is one area where the Faroe gets absolute top marks. As a small, 35 litre carry on pack you wouldn’t expect much in the way of space, but the Faroe has two completely separate main compartments that add a level of functionality above and beyond many other backpacks. Honestly, that separation makes a big difference when you are organising your kit.

The first compartment is large and spacious, with compression straps and room enough for stuff sacks or packing cubes, and has a large zippered pocket in the lid for smaller items you want to keep separate.

The second compartment is primarily for your laptop and organisational needs, but is actually large enough to be incorporated into the backpack as a second compartment instead of being relegated to an afterthought sewn onto the back like many other backpacks out there. It has an adjustable laptop harness that fits most laptops up to 15.4″ and I really like the fact that this is a ‘floating’ style harness and not just another pocket, which adds an extra dimension of protection for your laptop. It also has a variety of pockets and pouches for all your chargers, wires and other needs, as well as dedicated passport and liquids pockets.

Both compartments open up completely like a suitcase, which to be honest is a feature that is now almost expected in the best backpacks.

The backpack also has two smaller zippered pockets on the top outside of the pack, one just above the shoulder straps where your neck would be, and another on the front of the pack on the opposite side, perfect for those non essential but quick access items like earphones, and two almost ‘hidden’ pockets behind the stretchable water bottle pouches on the side of the pack.

Most people would only consider a carry on only pack like this for a long weekend at most, but I easily (with the help of a couple of packing cubes) carried enough kit for a week without needing to wash any clothing and still didn’t completely stuff the pack full.

The Final Verdict.

The Arcido Faroe backpack is a solid, quality choice for anyone who wants to travel carry on only, and has a reasonable, mid range price point that makes it a very attractive option for travellers looking for a new backpack.

Ready to buy? You can get your own Arcido Faroe backpack here.

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Michael Huxley is a published author, professional adventurer and founder of the travel website, Bemused Backpacker. He has spent the last twenty years travelling to over 100 countries on almost every continent, slowly building Bemused Backpacker into a successful business after leaving a former career in emergency nursing and travel medicine, and continues to travel the world on numerous adventures every year.

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14 comments on “Arcido Faroe Backpack Review.
  1. Terry says:

    Nice looking pack. I need something to really look after my laptop in a carry on, what is the padding like?

  2. Lee says:

    Looks nice and stylish, thanks for the review!

  3. Wendy H says:

    Thanks for the review. 😊

  4. Amanda says:

    Looks like a nice stylish pack but not really sure if it will put up with the rigours of a gap year. Do you think it will last?

    • Well it’s held up for me so far Amanda, I honestly haven’t had it a full year yet but I have put it through its paces and it is still going strong. I thought initially the nice material would end up looking all scruffy but that has done well too.

  5. Daniel says:

    Seems like a nice basic pack, but how well would it hold up on a full gap year?

  6. Dev Newman says:

    Very stylish! My packs tend to take a lot of heavy duty beating so not sure it is for me, I don’t think it would take being dragged up a mountain or getting a soak under a waterfall, but I am looking for a nice laptop backpack for when I am at home in the city and this looks great for that.

  7. Paul says:

    We have decided to do more local city breaks with everything happening at the moment and were looking for a replacement for our massive backpacks, this looks perfect for shorter hotel breaks, a bit smarter than our old backpacks too. Thanks.

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