7 Unique Budget Places To Stay In Ireland.

Bru Bar and Hostel Places To Stay In Cork Ireland

Ireland is a unique country to travel through, steeped in myths and legends as well as a turbulent past, it is full of ancient archaeological sites to visit (and sites from a certain popular TV show and movie franchise) and not to mention having some of the best nightlife on the planet. With all of this it is only fitting that it has some equally unique places to stay for the budget backpacker who wants something a little different for the night.

Ireland is an amazing country, but it isn’t always the cheapest place to travel to. Here are some of the best places in Ireland to stay on a budget that also happen to be pretty unique for one reason or another.

The Moorings, Portmagee, County Kerry.

Okay, so you can’t actually stay on Luke Skywalker’s home, but this is the next best thing! Located right on the doorstep of many of the new Star Wars filming locations, this cozy bed and breakfast offers tours on its own boat to Skellig Island and a host of Star Wars themed activities. And the best thing is, it is still bed and breakfast budget friendly!

Glendalough International Hostel, Glendalough, County Wicklow.

Set in the middle of the ‘garden of Ireland’, this upscale hostel gives you a lot of comfort for your money and gives you easy access to the areas lush landscapes, archeology and an abundance of outdoor activities.

Bru Bar And Hostel, Cork.

If you want a taste of the famous Irish Craic then you really can’t beat staying in this awesome hostel above one of the liveliest bars in County Cork! You won’t get much sleep most nights but you’ll be too busy drinking and partying with the nightly live bands to care!

Glamping In Winterfell Near Castle Ward, Strangford, County Down.

This isn’t a joke. You can get an ultimate Game of Thrones experience by glamping in the grounds of Winterfell itself. The packages are more expensive than the average hostel stay, but they do include the experiences of practicing your archery on the movie set itself, a cycle around the series locations and more, so if you are a fan of GoT then this is definitely worth it!

Dun Chaoin Hostel, Ballyferriter, County Kerry.

This is a nice hostel, good facilities and perfect for anyone travelling on a budget, but the unique selling point to this hostel is that it claims to be the most Westerly hostel in Europe! So this is the furthest European place you can lay your head before getting to Iceland or Canada!

Russagh Mills, Skibbereen, West Cork.

This hostel is actually an old grain mill – hence the name – that has been converted into a unique and picturesque place to stay. The ten bed dorm room is slightly expensive but a private room is only a little bit more, and in this case it is totally worth a little splurge. There are also plenty of outdoor activities run from here so you can really enjoy the landscape

Ross Castle Bed And Breakfast, Lough Sheelin, County Meeth.

As budget places go this will definitely come in at the high end of your budget as average bed and breakfast prices for the UK stand, but it is definitely worth a splurge for a night or two, if you can stand it. Not only do you get the chance to stay in a genuine castle, but you also get to stay in one of the best under the radar haunted castle in Ireland! See if you can sleep if Sabina is roaming the halls searching for her drowned betrothed, or her cruel father, the Black Baron!

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15 comments on “7 Unique Budget Places To Stay In Ireland.
  1. Josh Turner says:

    Excellent timing, I’m heading to Ireland in the new year for a long weekend! Can’t wait!

  2. Melissa Arnold says:

    Ireland are really pushing those GoT and Star Wars connections aren’t they!

  3. Debs says:

    I knew that island off Star Wars was in Ireland and really wante to visit but I had no idea where! So they actually do tours there?

  4. Helen says:

    I’ve always wanted to stay somewhere haunted! Looks like I’ll have to give that B&B a go!

  5. I’ve got to admit that checking out the GoT locations sounds a very tempting reason to visit Ireland…

  6. maninahuff says:

    My god I love Ireland! Will definitely have to be checking out those GoT locations!

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