Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Visit The Wilder Kaiser Region In Austria.

Mountain hut in Austria during Alpine Sports Week

The Wilder Kaiser region in Austria is famous for its winter activities and countless tourists head to the picturesque Emperor Mountain as it turns into a winter wonderland to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports on the largest ski resort in Austria, but the Wilder Kaiser region is a year round destination with a lot to offer travellers who visit in the spring. Here is why spring is the perfect time to visit the Wilder Kaiser region.

Visiting the Wilder Kaiser region in spring feels like one of those big travel secrets that shouldn’t be shared out of fear of causing a mass stampede, but the fact is many travellers are missing out on one of Europe’s most beautiful regions at a time when it starts to come to life.

Located in the western edge of Austria in the state of Tirol, the Wilder Kaiser region consists of the Kaisergebirge mountain range, with the four picturesque villages of Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll in the southern foothills of the Kitzbühel Alps.

It’s not hard to see why the Wilder Kaiser region is a celebrated winter destination. The SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental is the largest and most popular ski resort in Austria, having been awarded the title of the best ski resort in the entire world several times with 270 kilometres of slopes with guaranteed snow at over 1,800 metres above sea level. The entire region gets covered in a blanket of snow that makes every single view look like it should be the setting for a Hallmark Christmas movie, and fans of winter sports and adventure activities genuinely are spoilt for choice. Winter is a genuinely ideal time to visit here, but that shouldn’t mean you miss out on other times of the year too, because as good as it is in the winter, Springtime in the Wilder Kaiser region is truly special too!

Wilder Kaiser In The Off Season.

Mountain scenery in Tirol, Austria during Alpine Sports Week

With the high seasons of winter and summer running from November to March and July to September respectively, that means spring is considered the off season, and with that comes a lot of obvious practical benefits. The high season skiers have left and the high season hikers have yet to arrive so that means less crowds, more accommodation options and cheaper prices! And saving money is always a good thing when travelling anywhere in Europe.

The weather is always relatively unpredictable at any time of the year so you do have to prepare yourself for that, but the springtime is an almost perfect balance of sun in the valley and snow in the mountain peaks, so you can literally go skiing one day and enjoy a picnic by a sunny lake the next!

Enjoying Nature.

Tirol, Austria, health and wellbeing

Springtime is of course the time when nature starts to regenerate; flowers start to bloom, animals start to wake up from the winter slumber and flora and fauna alike paint the landscape in wide brushstrokes of colour and life.

The Wilder Kaiser region genuinely is one of the most stunning regions in Europe, consisting of the the Kaisergebirge nature reserve, the Kitzbühel Alps and the Ramsar conservation area, and it really starts to come to life in the spring. The snow on the lower reaches of the rugged mountains starts to melt, feeding the the mountain springs, lakes, rivers and streams with crystal clear, fresh drinking water. The dense forests turn green and lush and alpine meadows are filled with new colour and new life. If the Wilder Kaiser region looks like a Hallmark Christmas scene in the winter, it turns into a truly special watercolour painting in the spring.

Hiking In The Wilder Kaiser Region.

All of this nature makes for the perfect hiking oasis, and the Wilder Kaiser offers almost unlimited hiking opportunities with the honour of being the first alpine area to bear the Austrian hiking seal of approval. The Kaisergebirge mountain range has countless hiking trails of varying difficulty levels leading through striking rock formations and mountain peaks, mountain woods, the gently sloping grass-covered northern Kitzbühel Alps and interesting towns and attraction loops, so there really is a trail for everyone regardless of your ability, and cable cars stretch across some of the trails too, making them even more accessible.

Adding to the sheer unspoilt beauty of these hiking routes are the many mountain lakes, rivers and waterfalls fed from natural mountain springs. The Hintersteiner See lake in Scheffau is consistently hailed as the most beautiful and cleanest mountain lake in Tyrol, and it truly is stunning, but there is also the Hartkaisersee, Tanzbodensee & Rübezahlsee near Ellmau, the Astbergsee near going and the Lechensee & Innerkeatsee near Söll, just to name a few, and all are worth a hike or a picnic or two! Or why not go all out and do both?

And if that isn’t enough water based fun for you, the Mountain Adventure World Hexenwasser, or Witches Water in Söll is a perfect family day out that blends ancient legends and customs of the area with water stations, natural spectacles and Austria’s longest barefoot hiking trail that leads over grass, bark mulch, massaging stones and rippling water to numerous water stations.

What makes a lot of these hikes so accessible is the relative closeness of the Wilder Kaiser’ four towns, Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll. Each one a perfectly compact and unique destination to stop and explore on their own merits.

Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll.

Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll are the four main towns of the Wilder Kaiser region, and where the majority of the hotels are located, so it is hardly surprising that one of these towns are where most travellers choose to stay.

Ellmau is nicknamed the film set village because of its picturesque beauty and the fact it is where the famous Austrian soap ‘Der Bergdoktor’ is filmed. Going is known for its laid back atmosphere and local crafts, Scheffau is the smallest and most unspoilt village at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range, and is usually the gateway to the famous SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental ski area, but is also the gastronomic hub of the Wilder Kaiser and venue for venue for the various culinary weeks and gourmet festival, and finally, Söll is the paradoxical farming village that is home to family events and most of the Wilder Kaisers nightlife! All four towns are easy to reach from each other and all provide great access to the spectacular natural scenery and outdoor activities on offer.

The off season in spring can get you some great hotel deals, so can be a perfect time for a spa break or a long weekend to explore some of the regions cultural or foodie offerings, and there are some unique cultural festivals and events such as the farmer’s market in Kitzbühel, the Going brass band spring concert and many more that can make a springtime visit to the towns a unique one.

Adventure Activities.

adventure travel Austria Alpine sports week

Of course the Wilder Kaiser in spring time has far more to offer than beautiful scenery, idyllic villages and epic hiking, there are also a smorgasbord of adventure activities on offer too! The Kaiser villages are part of the biggest E-Bike region in the world, with a huge array of bike rental options and an extensive route network boasting over 350 km of cycling and mountain bike trails for all ages and abilities.

Of course the Alpine Sports week starts in the summer season, giving the chance for anyone – not just skilled adventurers – to try out and experience six different mountain sports and activities over six challenging but very rewarding days. With the watchful eye of expert instructors and guides, anyone can go trail running, hiking through the mountains, swinging through the trees on the high ropes course, mountain biking, canyoning, abseiling or even climbing the via ferrata course.

But you don’t have to wait until the summer months to experience all of this adventure. Spring is the perfect time to come and enjoy these activities and more without the crowds! And often at a discount too!

Regardless of the time of year you visit, the impressive Wilder Kaiser massif is an inspired destination that wows visitors with its incomparable beauty, scenic nature and epic mountain experiences and adventures, but if you can, try and visit in the springtime for a unique and unforgettable experience..

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