Top 15 Places To Eat And Drink In Huntsville, Alabama.

Alabama is as famous for its cuisine as it is for its good old southern hospitality and charm, and Huntsville is quickly emerging as the foodie paradise of the region with its mixture of old fashioned cooking and quirky eateries with an artistic flair, not to mention its newly found craft beer scene. If you are planning a trip, here are the top 15 bars, cafe’s, eateries and restaurants to eat and drink in Huntsville, Alabama.

Huntsville already has so much going for it with the sheer amount of attractions and activities for travellers to see and do, and with over 500 restaurants, bars, food truck and entire food and drink filled entertainment complexes to choose from it can be a difficult task to narrow down some of the best. Here is your ultimate guide to some of the best, and my absolute favourite places to eat and drink in Huntsville, Alabama!

Honest Coffee Roasters.

Honest Coffee Huntsville Alabama

Honest Coffee Roasters is so much more than one of the best independent coffee spots in Alabama. Of course it is the spot to go for your daily caffeine hit, as well as trying out some of its more unusual flavours like Sasparilla drip, but Honest Coffee Roasters is also one of the best breakfast spots in town for those who want healthy and tasty acai bowls! If you want to start your day with a bowl full of nuts, fruits and berries, you can’t beat right here!

Blue Plate Cafe.

Blue Plate Take Out Huntsville Alabama

The Blue Plate Cafe is an absolute Huntsville institution. If you imagine the stereotypical Southern diner with traditional decor and workers sat at the counter before starting their day, then you have just imagined the Blue Plate down to a T! Alabama cooking and Southern hospitality at its best!

Hildegard’s German Cuisine.

Take a glimpse at Huntsville’s German connection with one of the best German restaurants in town. This mainstay of Huntsville’s dining options has been around for over 15 years and serves some epic schnitzel in a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Pints And Pixels.

Pints and Pixels bar Huntsville Alabama

You can’t come to the Rocket City, a place that is essentially a mecca for geeks and nerds alike, and not indulge in a spot of retro arcade game playing!

Pints and Pixels is a bar that serves hamburgers, hot dogs, beer and all that American goodness! But they have far more than that. This isn’t just a place to come and grab some dinner or a drink, this is a place filled with all the arcade treasures from our childhoods! They even have a vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game! Just take all of my money!

Dragons Forge Cafe.

Cementing Huntsville’s reputation as a geek mecca, the Dragons Forge Cafe is a fantasy D&D themed cafe serving up delicious Colombian coffee alongside regular D&D nights! Located in Lowe Mill Arts, Dragons Forge Cafe is perfect for keeping your energy up while questing for that perfect piece of art!

G’s Country Kitchen.

When you arrive hungry and the owner says ‘we got you’, you know you are in for a treat! G’s Country Kitchen offers the best down to earth soul food in Alabama hands down, with absolutely no airs, graces or pretence. The solid, wholesome portions of traditional meat, catfish, hash browns, collared greens or even mac and cheese if you fancy it, all arrive on plastic trays and are hands down one of the best ways to experience the local connection to its food as well as taste it! You may arrive hungry, but you certainly won’t leave the same way!

Toy Box Bistro.

Michael Huxley at Toybox Bistro Enterprise table

Imagine going for dinner, eating some of the best, honest American food around and a solid dose of good old fashioned Southern hospitality, but you were also surrounded by all the toys and games you loved as a child and the collectible action figures you coveted as an adult! This is Toybox Bistro! Yet another amazing foodie spot in Huntsville that is a must see destination at the same time!

Unfortunately, the weapon wall didn’t include a coveted Sword of Omens, but they did have a table made from the blueprints of the Enterprise NCC 1701 A, and after trying some of their amazing hot dogs and chilli fries, I spent a long time reminiscing over the complete set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectible cards that I used to collect as a child that they had made into another glass top table!

Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ.

This multi award winning BBQ place stands head and shoulders above any other in a state famed for its BBQs, and that should tell you everything you need to know! The rule at Big Bob’s BBQ is simple, choose between huge helpings of chicken, pork or turkey, or all three with the huge mixed platter, choose between a number of their award winning sauces and make sure you wear your biggest stretchy pants, because you will need them! If you want to eat some BBQ in Alabama, there really is nowhere better!

Piper And Leaf At Lowe Mill.

Piper and Leaf is another Huntsville institution, with shops all over the city. This relatively small but cozy cafe at Lowe Mill is its home though, and the perfect place to nip in for a cup of tea! All of Piper & Leaf’s teas use as many local ingredients as possible and they have some truly imaginative and spectacular blends.

Earth And Stone Wood Fired Pizzeria.

Located in Campus 805, one of Huntsville’s best entertainment complexes for a great night out, Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza continues that atmosphere with a huge, relaxed party bar serving some of the best pizza around! With a unique menu featuring tantalising names like the Porkalicious and the Carnivore Calzone, you know you are in for a real treat!

Yellowhammer Brewery.

Sharing a space in Campus 805 with Earth and Stone Pizza, Yellowhammer Brewery is a founding part of Huntsville’s craft beer Rennaissance and creates a whole range of unique, traditionally brewed ales with a Southern Twist.

City Cafe Diner.

The City Cafe Diner serves huge breakfast portions with eggs, cafe specials, and griddle specialties ruling the menu. Expect nothing more than some of the best, heartiest and wholesome corn beef hash, omelettes and the ‘big hungry breakfast’ special!

The Blue Bayou.

AM Booth Lumberyard Huntsville Alabama

The Blue Bayou is as much an experience as it is a gastronomic delight. Located in AM Booth’s Lumberyard, this restored and renovated train dining car is a unique way to see a little local history, and the dining booths are all social experiences with the epic food served home style, with diners encouraged to mix and meet new people. And as an added bonus, you can party the rest of the night away with live music with the surrounding bars and patios.

Mars Grill, Space And Rocket Center.

It wouldn’t be Huntsville without at least one Space themed cafe, right? Well the Mars Grill located in the Space and Rocket Center does just that! It may only offer basic fast food like hot dogs and hamburgers, but the experience of the Space and Rocket Center is reason enough to come here!

Commerce Kitchen.

Commerce Kitchen is a nice change of pace when eating out in Huntsville with a high concept, fine dining experience by one of the US’ most renowned chefs. There is still an air of Alabama casual friendliness that takes the edge off the upmarket vibe, but the sophisticated menu is well worth seeking out for something really special.

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16 comments on “Top 15 Places To Eat And Drink In Huntsville, Alabama.
  1. Sarah says:

    Big Bobs BBQ is definitely a must visit! Best BBQ in the south!

  2. What a blog! Very funny and different, I was delighted, thank you very much for your good suggestions!

  3. Paul says:

    Great recommendations, thank you. I’ll be sure to check them out.

  4. Sam says:

    Great selection of good eats! You can’t beat good old fashioned Southern cooking.

  5. Lauren says:

    One of my favourite things about Huntsville when we visited was the food! OMG it was foodie paradise! Need to go back.

  6. Angela says:

    Your article is great!

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    Thanks for your suggestions, congratulations for your wonderful blog!

  8. Brandon says:

    Huntsville is such an underrated city for food, I’ve been to most of these places several times and have bever been dissapointed. Great list and great recommendations!

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