Solo Female Backpacker: Guide To Safely Travelling The World For Sale Now.

solo gap year safety as a woman

The Solo Female Backpacker guide to safely travelling the world is an essential eBook for any independent woman dreaming of travelling around the world on her own terms.

For many women who are dreaming of setting off on their own gap year, the world is actually a very safe place to travel; thousands of women travel solo and independently across the world every single year without any problems or incidents and you should not let fear or unfounded media hysteria stop you from doing so.

The trick to staying safe is knowing about all the potential problems that can occur and knowing how to reduce the risk of anything negative happening to you, as well as knowing what to do if something bad does happen.

Solo female backpacker safety

As a woman there are also gender specific practical considerations you will have to deal with on your travels such as dealing with potential harassment or knowing when or how much to cover up in certain countries.

Solo Female Backpacker deals with all these issues and more specifically from a woman’s perspective. With essential safety tips and advice from ex military personnel and self defence teachers as well as inspirational stories from women who have travelled independently around the world, there is no reason why you can’t or shouldn’t set off on your own independent round the world adventures.

So if you are a woman dreaming of setting off on your very own round the world adventure but you are a little nervous about travelling solo or as a woman, you need to buy this eBook! Full of practical advice for you to ensure your backpacking trip is as safe as possible, Solo Female Backpacker will also give you the inspiration and the push you need to travel the world on your own terms.

A little word from me.

This eBook is not here to scare you or amplify the negative and often overblown paranoia about women travelling the world solo, just like the more comprehensive Gap Year Safety guidebook, it is here to give you the knowledge and information you need to keep yourself safe on the road and inspire you to get out there and experience your very own gap year on your own terms.

Travelling the world is one of the single best, most empowering things you can ever do for yourself. So I really hope that this eBook gives all of you out there the confidence and the inspiration to get out there and go for it.

So thank you to everyone who buys and reads this eBook or any of the other books in the Bemused Backpacker series, I truly appreciate the support and I really hope you enjoy it.

Safe travels,


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Michael Huxley is a published author, freelance travel writer and founder of Bemused Backpacker. He is also a charge nurse by vocation with an interest in emergency nursing and travel medicine, but his real passion is travel. Since finding his wanderlust a decade ago in South East Asia, he has bounced from one end of the planet to another and has no intention of slowing down.

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7 comments on “Solo Female Backpacker: Guide To Safely Travelling The World For Sale Now.
  1. Milene says:

    Thanks for having me in this book! I really enjoyed reading it! Even for this female nomad there are still things to learn! Great book!

    • It was a pleasure and honour to feature you Milene! Hopefully women out there who are dreaming of travelling independently around the world will find the tips and advice useful, but will also be inspired by women like yourself who are living the dream!

      • Milene says:

        And it would be my honour to inspire other travellers! I hope that women read your book and afterwards are motivated to take the plunge and find out for themselves whether it is safe or not to travel the world as a woman. I would love to hear their stories =)

  2. alicesgapyearadventures says:

    Loved the female backpacker profiles! There are some really inspirational women out there showing all women that it can be done!

    • Thanks, I agree! Hopefully a lot of women will be inspired by their stories. Travelling the world isn’t as hard, scary or dangerous as many people make out, and the safety tips and advice in the book should reduce any risk to acceptably manageable levels, so there is no excuse for any woman to be afraid of travelling the world independently!

  3. Louise Bain says:

    I have just bought this book and it is amazing! It really has calmed a lot of my nerves as well as given me some solid tips. Thank you so much.

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