Ministry Of Coffee Review, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Ministry of Coffee Yogyakarta Indonesia

The Ministry of Coffee is a boutique hotel in the heart of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, with a high standard of amenities at a perfect flashpacker price point, it is more than reachable for any budget backpacker who wants to treat themselves for a few nights.  

No incentives or payment were offered or given in return for this review or any links used. The views and opinions expressed are entirely the authors own based on personal experiences when travelling and are honest and factual without any bias.

My stay in Yogyakarta didn’t get off to a great start.

I arrived in Yogya in the dead of night, not an ideal time to arrive anywhere really, and I was tired and stiff from an uncomfortable train ride from Surabaya that lasted an eternity and was the sole cause of me arriving in the dark instead of a more reasonable early afternoon. I needed somewhere to crash, and quickly.

I found a place easily enough by heading straight down to Jalan Prawirotaman where there are a string of cheap backpacker hostels and guesthouses. After viewing a few, I chose what was the best of some pretty poor choices and got my head down. The place was fine, my sleep was fine, but the next morning when I woke up I just needed a better rest in a little bit of comfort. The previous weeks hiking and trekking had started to catch up on me. So I got a private room in another guesthouse for a few days in a room that was fine, but very dated and a little overpriced for what it was.

That is when I found the Ministry of Coffee.

I had walked past it at first not realising it was an actual guesthouse, but on second viewing it revealed itself like a sweet oasis amongst a desert of mediocrity. Hidden behind what is an average coffee shop is one of the best places to stay in the city.

I moved immediately.

The Ministry of coffee is not the cheapest place to stay in this part of Yogyakarta, but it isn’t the most expensive either and is by far the best value for money. For around the same price as the average price of other private hostel rooms on the same street the jump in quality is outstanding. Seriously outstanding.

I stayed in one of the cheaper basic rooms downstairs, and I felt very secluded tucked away behind the coffee shop. The peace and quiet was an absolute tonic – if you discount the 4 AM call to prayer that will affect you in most places across Yogyakarta – and I even enjoyed the tiny little patio area with a nice water feature to sit and have a relaxing drink and catch up with some writing.

The en suite room was small, but was not cramped and had more than enough room for my ambling 6”2 frame and my pack. They were both absolutely spotless too, with the cleaning staff doing an amazing and unobtrusive job, and it was full to the brim with mod cons like strong air con, inclusive breakfast in the coffee shop, a comfy double bed and oversized pillows. They may seem like standard fare in most hotels around the world, but for backpackers who only occasionally make the jump to flashpacker status they will feel like heaven!

It was the unexpected touches that really made this guesthouse stand out though. All the rooms being named after types of coffee, free complimentary coffee from the attached coffee shop, access to a free library and free DVD rental to watch on your own in room DVD player.  Add to that the amazingly friendly and helpful staff and it all adds up to an amazing mid range place to stay for a while.

The staff were all friendly and efficient, and always willing to offer advice on where to go and what to do. They could sometimes be a little invisible if they all disappeared into the back room at the same time but this was hardly a big deal and is more down to the fact that I am literally searching for bad points to balance the review out!

They could improve things by introducing 24 hour staff instead of only having a security guard man the front desk until 8.00 AM. Most tours start much earlier than that, and if you want to head out early to get a full day of trekking or sightseeing in then you are left with a relatively disappointing pre packaged breakfast and microwaved coffee.  If they just opened up a little earlier, it would be ideal.

These criticisms really are clutching at petty straws though.

If you are in Yogyakarta and want to upgrade a little to a mid range budget, then you will really do yourself a favour by staying here.

The Ministry of Coffee can be found at Jalan Prawirotoman 1/15a, Yogyakarta 55153 Indonesia.

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Michael Huxley is a published author, professional adventurer and founder of the travel website, Bemused Backpacker. He has spent the last twenty years travelling to over 100 countries on almost every continent, slowly building Bemused Backpacker into a successful business after leaving a former career in emergency nursing and travel medicine, and continues to travel the world on numerous adventures every year.

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22 comments on “Ministry Of Coffee Review, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  1. The Caffeinated Day Tripper says:

    Well you just KNEW I would have to click on a post titled, “Ministry of Coffee”, didn’t you? Definitely sounds like my cup of caffeine! ;P Really respected that you made a sincere effort at trying to balance this review with some negative critique even though you enjoyed this place so much. Good work and sounds like a great place to catch some zzzz’s, renew & refresh.

    • Haha, you would definitely appreciate the coffee themed rooms here, believe me! And you’re right, it is a great place to refresh yourself after a long stretch on the road! Thank you for the comment, I do try and remain as impartial as possible, if I love something I will say so, but likewise if I hate something too.

  2. My Tan Feet says:

    Haha I’m with the comment above, I had to check this one out due to the name. Safety is always my main concern so at least they had a security guard. I’ve been in some places where the hotel was completely open all night with nobody manning the counter or anything and no guard.

    • That is true and a very good point. I always felt seriously secure there. I know what you mean about the name, it’s why I passed it at first not realising it was a place to stay! It certainly makes it unique though! Thanks for the comment

  3. Elena says:

    What a name for a guest house! Looks like a lovely place to stay! I´ve been in Yogyakarta 2 years ago and I have no idea what the name of guest house we stayed was or how it looked so I guess wasn´t that impressive…I wonder what the name of your room was (if they all were named after types of coffee)..

    • I think we stayed in Nescafe if memory serves! ;D I know what you mean though, we stayed in a couple of other places along Jalan Prawirotaman which is one of the main backpacker accommodation areas, before here and this place was seriously the best in terms of quality and value by far. Thanks for the comment Elena.

  4. GlobalMouse says:

    The Ministry of coffee?! What a great name!! And I love that you get free coffee too…that would be enough for me since I have become a coffee addict!! Really sweet looking place and makes me long to pick up my backpack and travel! Great review.

  5. Dave Cole says:

    Great find! It’s always when you least expect it, isn’t it? My time in Ethiopia has convinced me to travel to places that produce the great coffees of the world. Free coffee in Indonesia sounds ideal.

    • Definitely! Most of the best places I have ever stayed in have always been surprise finds, many not even on the internet or on any review sites. That’s why I always advise people to not always plan rigidly and book ahead. And Indonesia and Bali are great for coffee!

  6. Brianna Simmons says:

    I too would be lured in to stay at a place named “The Ministry of Coffee” and like Dave above my travels in Central America have me convinced to explore the world’s great coffee regions.

  7. Jules and Christine says:

    Sounds lovely! We totally understand about having to find a restful “oasis” during your travels. We tend to stick to dorms because they are cheaper but every once in a while, we’ll splurge on a nice private just to catch up on some much needed sleep! We’ll definitely be checking this place out if we head out there!

    • That’s pretty much what I do to. I use hostels a lot for the price, but then move up to a guesthouse or private room when the mood takes me, and will even check out unique accommodation options like longhouses, hides in the jungle or monasteries too. I don’t think that just because we are backpackers we should have to stick to one type of accommodation experience! ;D Thanks for the comment.

  8. Surya Bhattacharya says:

    Haha scrolling down to leave my comment, I see everyone has pointed out the same thing I was going to… How can anyone resist a name like that? If I’m ever in Yogyakarta, this is definitely where I’m going. And thankfully, it looks as awesome as it sounds

  9. Antonette says:

    This one looks like a great place to stay – comfortable and clean yet not too overdone. and I love the name, too, that will definitely get them attention.

  10. Raphael Alexander Zoren says:

    Now that’s a very cool looking hotel! Was it expensive?

    • No not really. It was smack bang inside the mid range zone, but it was only a few pounds more than other private rooms in hostels on the same street and they were not much more than the dorms, and the jump in quality was HUGE! The jump to flashpacker status for a little while was well worth it!

  11. Angela Simmons says:

    Aw this looks like such a cute place! Will definitely have to check it out when I am there next month.

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