Why work with Bemused Backpacker?

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Bemused Backpacker has been featured on some of the world’s most trusted television, online and print travel media and is a significant trusted influencer in its target niche of gap year and independent travel.

With 15 years of experience backpacking around the world, Michael Huxley is an experienced and trusted travel expert who readers ask for advice on gap year travel and backpacking as well as advice on travel gear, transport options, accommodation and various other services. Michael is also an expert on self defence and personal safety who has taught in both civilian and military settings and is a qualified charge nurse with a specific interest in emergency nursing and travel medicine, so is also an authoritative influencer on issues involving travel safety and travel health. 

Exposure with Bemused Backpacker is second to none. The audience of Bemused Backpacker is highly engaged and highly motivated to travel. If you are a travel company, brand or provider that wants to get your message across to a targeted audience of young, independent world travellers and backpackers who are already primed to receive your travel related product or message, then working with Bemused Backpacker is the way to do just that.

Working with Bemused Backpacker gives you direct access to a targeted, dynamic audience of young, independent world travellers and backpackers. The audience of Bemused Backpacker is highly engaged and are actively seeking inspiration, advice, products and services that will directly help them prepare for or embark on their gap year or backpacking trip.

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