How You Can Work With Bemused Backpacker.

There are a wide range of promotional and marketing options available to suit your brand or products specific needs.

If you are a non profit travel charity, enterprise or organisation that highlights responsible travel or travel health issues and wish to highlight your cause, please get in touch, I will be happy to speak to you.

If you are a for profit travel company, brand, service or destination and you wish to hire me, then please ask for my current price list. I am a published author and professional travel writer, and I charge market rates for all my services.

I do not work for free. No advertising or press releases will be placed on this site, nor will work be undertaken for free or for exposure. Please do not ask for this as refusal often offends. All work is covered under my reasonable and competitive rates.

Bemused Backpacker is extremely careful to only accept work from and undertake partnerships with brands, services, products and destinations that share the values and brand priorities of Bemused Backpacker and will only offer material that will be relevant and useful to its readers.


If you want to advertise your brand or product on Bemused Backpacker, one of the easiest ways is to purchase a sidebar advertisement.

Sidebar advertisements will be seen prominently throughout the site, and are included in every promoted article.

Advertisements are placed in either 3 month or 6 month blocks, and there is a discount for 6 months or longer.

Professional content generation.

Bemused Backpacker has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and qualifications in a range of travel related topics and issues, and can tailor unique and professional content to be placed on your own corporate site or publication.

By working with Bemused Backpacker, you can get professional advocacy to your target audience of independent travellers and backpackers from a trusted influencer, but also professional and expert content related to the sub niches of travel health, travel safety and responsible and ethical travel.

Articles can be any length dependent on your needs and the style of the piece, and this content can be tailored to a very specific audience or niche, utilise a range of qualifications and expertise to cover a variety of travel related topics, or it can be written to appeal to a wider audience or market.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Independent travel tips or advice.
  • Travel health (with a qualification as a registered nurse).
  • Travel safety.
  • Ethical or responsible travel. 

Promotional posts and native advertising.

Promotional posts are advertorial travel articles that specifically highlight your brand, destination, product or service in a way that resonates with your target audience. They include relevant images and are often written around a pertinent and applicable travel topic that specifically revolves around your target message or product.

Native advertising is very similar, but your brand, destination, product or service is mentioned within the context of a specific travel article and is more subtle in its approach.

Both of these options offer in depth, relevant information to the reader at the same time as highlighting your brand, attracts more interest and is inherently more valuable to your audience than a simple advertisement which means your brand is more likely to be received positively. The promotional article may include a link to your site if you wish and will remain live for a minimum of 1 year. This will give the post a vastly extended promotional value as traffic and SEO are increased over time.

All promotional posts and native advertising articles are fully disclosed as such to comply with legal, professional and ethical guidelines and to comply with current industry standards.

Social Media promotion and marketing.

All articles and posts come with the option of being promoted and shared across all of Bemused Backpackers social media channels.

If you would like a single, one off shout out of your brand or product on any of my social media channels then that can be arranged.

Alternatively a social media campaign can be engaged that will highlight and promote your brand, product, service or destination across all relevant channels.

Reviews and competitions.

Bemused Backpacker is open to a variety of reviews that are relevant to its specific niche and readership needs. Reviews must adhere to the values of Bemused Backpacker and be relevant to its audience.

Product reviews are often run in conjunction with competitions to generate maximum interest, and I will require one product for review and a minimum of one product for the competition itself, which will both be supplied by you. Price is negotiable for this service dependent on the value of the product or products involved.

All reviews are completely thorough, honest and unbiased and can relate to:

  • Hostels, guesthouses, homestays, hotels or other unique accommodation options relevant to independent backpackers and travellers.
  • Travel and adventure clothing, equipment, backpacks or gadgets.
  • Airline routes or journeys, airline carriers or any form of transport.

All reviews will be honest and forthright, will contain my honest, unbiased opinion and will include full disclaimers for transparency to comply with legal, ethical and professional standards.

Destination marketing and press trips.

Bemused Backpacker is available for press trips and tailored or specialist destination marketing trips to highlight a particular aspect of a destination or region,  which will give your brand, service or destination a perfect outlet to reach your targeted, dynamic audience.

Deliverables and specific target messages for each destination can be discussed dependent on need and budget.

Brand Ambassadorships.

Bemused Backpacker is open to working with brands, services and destinations as a a brand ambassador. This is a mutually beneficial relationship that can not only include a negotiable package of all the services mentioned above dependent on your individual needs, but will also provide your brand with a peer legitimacy  in the eyes of your target audience from a trusted source of travel advice and inspiration.

Brand ambassadorships are open to all brands, destinations, products and services that adhere to the ethos and values of Bemused Backpacker and is relevant to my target audience.

Brand ambassadorships work best over time, and are for a minimum of 3 months. The longer the partnership, the more both parties will benefit, as it takes time to build awareness and brand association, and time to develop a sustained, long term media strategy.

If you would like to work with Bemused Backpacker and expose your brand, destination, service or product to my audience, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs on a one to one basis here.

For a media kit overview, click here.

For an overview of my audience, click here.

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