P Cubed Pickpocket Proof Clothing.


Having your valuables stolen or pickpocketed whilst travelling is a genuine concern for a lot of backpackers, so having theft and pickpocket proof designs incorporated into your very clothing is a huge bonus. The P Cubed clothing range does all that and more, with solid designs that claim to make it impossible for you to have your pockets picked.

The P Cubed range of pickpocket proof clothing is available in both mens and womens styles, and has a variety of trousers, shorts and shirts available in a small range of colours. If you are a fan of bright and varied colours you may have to compromise on your personal style here as these generally come in earthy tones with the occassional blue and white thrown in, but personally I love that.

Judging them solely on their merits as travel wear, the Clothing Arts brand stands up very well. With a range of clothes that are good for rugged adventures across dusty mountain ranges or even smart casual at that bar you decide to spend the night in, these clothes are rugged, hard wearing, quick drying and great for any adventure you can throw at them.

But that is not what makes this clothing range special. For the security conscious traveller, these clothes have a variety of tricks to keep you valuables safe.

It’s no real secret that I hate money belts and undergarment security pouches, so anything that does away with needing to use them instantly gets a lot of brownie points in my book, and that is exactly what these do.


The shorts and pants are a veritable layered security system, with a variety of tricks to keep your stuff safe. The main side pockets themselves are big and deep, with a hidden zippered pocket on the inside to keep your more valuable things secure. After this the main pocket has a strong and sturdy zip to close it up entirely, with the added feature of zipping open upwards (instead of the usual downwards) which makes it more difficult for pickpockets to open without you noticing. Finally the pockets have a buttoned flap that goes across the whole pocket and keeps it firmly secure.


The back pockets are similar but have a large flap with two buttons instead of the side pockets single flap.

The cargo pockets are very slightly on the small side compared to some others, but are more than adequate for carrying your point and shoot camera or notebook in, and have an extra stud fastening as well as the two buttons which is more than enough to keep your things safe.

Frankly if a pickpocket can get to your cash or smartphone inside all of that, then my hats off to them and they have earned whatever they got away with!

The pickpocket proof shirts are much more subtle. A big part of not becoming a victim is blending in and not standing out, and because of the visible nature of chest pockets you don’t want to advertise the fact you are carrying anything in them, so they have a hidden zipper behind the pocket itself that can easily store your passport and some cash whilst making it look as if the pockets themselves are empty.


Obviously I reviewed some items from the men’s range of clothing, but the female range of pickpocket proof travel clothes have the exact same principles attached to them and are just as secure.

Now, we do have to talk about that very small elephant in the room that is the price. Let’s face it these clothes don’t come cheap.

In my opinion however the Clothing Arts brand make very solid, very rugged clothing that will last you a lifetime, and after giving them some serious punishment in an initial test I have no doubt I will still be wearing these for at least the next decade. Given that, as well as the fact that these should be seen as an investment that will reduce your chances of having your cash or valuables stolen, I’d say they were fair value for money.

I’d love to see more styles and colours come out in the near future (short sleeve shirts for the win), but for now I am an avid fan of this clothing range and would recommend them to anyone setting off on their round the world adventures.

Ready to buy? Check out the full range here.



This review was possible with products supplied by Clothing Arts. The views and opinions expressed are the authors own and are honest and factual without any bias. No incentives are ever accepted in return for positive coverage, and in the instances where assistance or products has been given by travel industry professionals and services, full editorial integrity is maintained and all reviews will remain honest and forthright.

2 comments on “P Cubed Pickpocket Proof Clothing.
  1. Matt says:

    What an awesome idea for travelling!

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