Bear Grylls Core Waterproof Jacket

Bear Grylls core waterproof review.

I often head to places where downpours are eventually inevitable, whether it is a tropical storm or hiking in the woods or mountains in a temperate region, and when I do I need to have something that I can put on quickly and will keep me warm and dry without compromising flexibility or mobility, and that is a job the Bear Grylls Core Waterproof Jacket is just right for.

No gap year would be complete without a jungle trek, a mountain hike or some other equally adventurous activity that gives you that once in a lifetime experience and sense of achievement that you will remember for the rest of your life, but to do that you need the right gear.

Most of the time a good waterproof jacket isn’t going to be high on the list of things that travellers think they will need on these adventures, but believe me they are often essential.

The Bear Grylls Core Waterproof Jacket is perfect for any traveller to keep with them for when they need it.

When it isn’t needed, the jacket is easily foldable and can be placed inside a daysac without hogging too much of the limited space. It is also very lightweight so it won’t be adding too much to the load you have to carry. When the rains come and you need some protection quickly, it is a great, no fuss jacket that you can pull on quickly and easily. Exactly what you need.

First and foremost it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s waterproof and it will keep you dry. It really can be as simple as that.

The grown on hood is unobtrusive but has toggles attached to tighten it around your head and a peaked cap which can both help in driving rain. The adjustable hem and the cuff adjuster also help you seal off your core from the rain and keep you dry.

The inner mesh lining is surprisingly comfortable, and helps the jacket do its job by keeping you dry and warm without being too hot and making you sweat, which can be a problem with heavier jackets. In fact I found the jacket in general to be very easy and lightweight to  wear, so much so that I forgot I was wearing it long after the rains had stopped. This was helped in part by the length of the jacket which stopped at the waist and didn’t compromise my mobility in any way when scrambling up steep inclines, an issue I have had in the past with longer jackets, and the rubber like grip on the shoulders are far more than a cool design feature, they helped my backpack straps from sliding around my shoulders too much with heavy movement. It is little touches like this that make this jacket great.

I even got a chance to test the jackets durability with a small scramble down a very steep incline. Lesser jackets may have been damaged but the Bear Grylls jacket is as tough as the moniker suggests with absolutely no blemishes or marks once the mud had been cleaned off.

Bear Grylls core waterproof review.

This jacket isn’t just for scrambling up mountains or trekking through forests however, it looks just as good when you are off exploring a modern city and get caught in one of the rainy seasons famous downpours or simply exploring a cooler climate where there is a chance of rain but you don’t want to carry anything too heavy.

The pockets in the jacket are great and very roomy, with strong zips and stormflaps attached.  The only real negative I can find with the jacket at all is that it only has two of them. But I think this may be a case of having being spoilt in the past by other Bear Grylls jackets that have plenty of pockets. Still, another one would have been nice.

Saying that though, I still genuinely love this jacket and do not hesitate to recommend it to any of you heading off on an adventure somewhere wet and rainy.

I’ll be honest, not every gap year or backpacking trip is going to require a waterproof jacket like this. It depends what you do and where you go, but for the trips that do necessitate one, you can’t go wrong at all with the Bear Grylls Waterproof jacket. 

Ready to buy? You can get your very own jacket here.


This review was possible with a product supplied by Craghoppers. The views and opinions expressed are the authors own and are honest and factual without any bias. No incentives are ever accepted in return for positive coverage, and in the instances where assistance or products has been given by travel industry professionals and services, full editorial integrity is maintained and all reviews will remain honest and forthright.

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