Origami Unicorn TUO Organiser.

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With a quirky name and a sleek design, the Origami Unicorn TUO is an all in one travel pack organiser that is perfect for long term travel and weekend breaks alike.

No matter what type of backpack or bag you carry with you on your travels, organisation has always been something of a headache for most travellers, especially if you have one of the old school top loader backpacks! There have been a variety of packing cubes and accessories that have made that job easier over the years, but now the humble organiser is evolving into something bigger, better and infinitely more stylish.

Touted as an undergarment organiser, this handy little travel accessory is so much more than that.

With three seperate zipped mesh compartments and a further 6 elasicated pockets inside two of those, there is more than enough room to stash all those little items and smaller garments you inevitably carry with you on your travels.

Origami Unicorn

The TUO does indeed do what it says on the tin, and as a big 6″2 guy I could easily fit enough socks and underwear in each of the compartments to last for a week, and I could still easily pack a little more in and close it properly, a problem that many travel organisers have once you start filling them with things.

But the TUO isn’t just limited to undergarments, I also managed to fit a pair of swimming trunks in there too (which could obviously be substituted for a couple of bikinis for readers of the opposite sex) and the small elasticated pockets were perfect for my small bathroom products.

There are 6 pockets in all, and being a guy who only needs a small shower gel, deodorant toothbrush, toothpaste and razor (not much at all), I only needed three of those. Obviously if you need to carry more with you, a small shampoo or contact lens solution for example, then you have three more pockets to do so. The pockets are also very secure inside the zippered mesh compartments, so you aren’t going to have the problem of finding your kit in a jumbled mess once you get it out of your main pack.

The functional usefulness of the TUO does not stop there though. If you arrive at a destination and decide to stay for a while, the TUO doubles up as a handy wardrobe organiser to give you even easier access to your things, simply by using the clips on the handle.

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I personally found this function infinitely more useful as a handy wash bag that I could hang in the shower, a task which led me to discover another useful function, the material the bag is made of is waterproof!

Really, what more can you ask for?

Well, there is one more thing, and the designers at Origami Unicorn thought of it! The little drawstring bag that comes with the organiser is there for more than just design purposes, it is a little wash bag with a handy divider for you to keep all your laundry in! Or if like me you are prone to heading for the water every time you reach a beach or a lagoon in the jungle, you can use it to stash your wet stuff in as you head back.

The Origami Unicorn TUO organiser is an essential travel accessory for travellers of every type, and proves that you can have function and style at the same time.


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