Nosilife Sleep Liner

Nosilife sleep liner

A sleeping bag liner that doubles as a sleep sheet and a blanket and protects you from mosquitoes too? Once you take this piece of kit on your next backpacking adventure, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it!

Any experienced traveller will tell you that a soft, comfortable sleep liner is a must have on any trip. These lightweight pieces of kit are perfect for carrying around as they do not take up much space in your pack, don’t add much weight at all, and most importantly provide a wide range of useful functions.

If you are traipsing from hostel to hostel on your round the world adventure, then you know that from time to time you will come across a place to rest your head where you just feel the need to have your own sheet to lay on top of instead of the one supplied. You will often need a blanket for those air con filled night buses and sometimes it’s just nice to have your own inner liner if you need to rent out a sleeping bag on an extended trek.

The Nosilife Sleep liner fulfills all of those requirements and then some.

As a qualified nurse one of the most common topics I get asked about is malaria, and in my travel clinic I often spend a lot of time explaining the importance of mosquito bite prevention and using every method available to you to protect yourself from bites in areas where they are known to be a problem, whether that is using DEET spray or sleeping under a net.

This is because in mosquito infected areas there is far more to worry about than just malaria. Apart from leaving a nasty welt which can be painful and itchy, mosquitoes can also carry dengue fever, Chikungunya, Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever and more. That is why it is important to protect yourself from mosquito bites as well as malaria.

And that is why I absolutely love this sleep liner.

Because it also protects you from mosquitoes too.

What is Nosilife?

Nosilife is a unique system where a variety of clothing and materials are infused with a permanent insect repellent membrane that lasts for the lifetime of the product itself. This treatment provides up to 90% protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects, which means it can significantly reduce your risk of getting bitten in the first place, and that is absolutely key to protecting yourself from insect borne diseases.

Nosilife sleep liner

The Nosilife sleep liner is a great piece of kit that frankly every traveller should be adding to their gap year packing lists right now. Even in it’s most basic function as a sleeping bag liner/sleep sheet it works fantastically well, you can use it on its own as a thin blanket, inside a sleeping bag or even in a hammock, and it can easily fit my bulky 6″2 frame into it. The material is silky smooth and comfortable, is cool, breathable and easy to sleep in, and it even has a small hood for a pillow or your head, whichever you prefer.

The fact of the matter is I would be recommending this product if it was just a simple sleep sheet, as I think they are great items for any budget traveller to carry with them on their round the world adventures, but the fact that this has added mosquito protection makes it a no brainer.

The protection is not 100% of course (all Nosilife products are 90% effective), but when used in conjuction with other Nosilife products such as clothing and liberal DEET spray, then the cumulative effect drastically and significantly – and I use both of those terms very specifically – reduces your chances of getting bitten by any insect and as a result reduces your chances of contracting insect borne diseases too.

Nosilife sleep liner

As a result, I am not only recommending this product as a seasoned long term backpacker and world traveller, but also in my professional role as a qualified nurse too.  Do yourself a huge favour and add this essential piece of kit to your gap year packing list now. 

Ready to buy? You can get your very own sleep liner here.


This review was possible with a product supplied by Craghoppers. The views and opinions expressed are the authors own and are honest and factual without any bias. No incentives are ever accepted in return for positive coverage, and in the instances where assistance or products has been given by travel industry professionals and services, full editorial integrity is maintained and all reviews will remain honest and forthright.





52 comments on “Nosilife Sleep Liner
  1. continentaldrifters says:

    Always find Craghoppers to have some great gear. Tempted to get this as I’m,off to the Phillipines and Thailand at the end of the year. Do you know how much it weighs?

    • Well the info on the pack says 280 grams, and I haven’t weighed it to verify that exactly but I can confirm it is super lightweight. I really didn’t notice any extra weight in my pack at all with it and it doesn’t take much room up either! I would seriously recommend it as a piece of kit, especially in SE Asia or any other mosquito area, and it is something I am using myself at the moment.

  2. maninahuff says:

    This is absolutely fantastic, I genuinely had no idea about these! And it really works? It really stops mosquitos and insects from biting you in your sleep?

    • Yes it does! All Nosilife products are up to 90% effective, so this is just one more layer of protection on top of other things such as DEET spray which will reduce the risk of getting bitten, and that is what it is all about, reducing the risk as much as possible.

  3. Jade says:

    I wasn’t sure about packing it at first, but my sleeping bag liner has quickly become one of my essential items. It’s kept me warm on cold train journeys in India and saved me from being bitten alive by bed bugs discovered half way through the night. I love the idea of having added mosquito protection too!

  4. stephanielathom says:

    What an amazing idea!

  5. Natalie says:

    This is a fantastic idea! We’re heading to South America soon with our 10 year old, and may buy one of these for each of us! Thanks for the review!

  6. alicesgapyearadventures says:

    I love Craghoppers stuff and have got a few things of theres (a towel and some clothes), always good quality and perfect for backpacking around the world. I need to invest in one of these for my next trip though!

  7. Vicki Mattingly says:

    Great idea for a travel accessory. I love the insect protection incorporated into an already useful product.

  8. Jana says:

    This sounds amazing! I wish I had one of these when I went on my Africa trip last year. As valuable as my sleeping bag inlet was for allowing me not to get in direct contact with questionable camping equipment it was completely worthless in preventing mosquito bites. Lucky I had my deet spray with me.

  9. karla says:

    The fact that it reduces the chances of being bitten makes it worth it already. For some reason I seem to be a magnet for bites.

  10. deafinitelywanderlust says:

    Wow, what a great idea. This is the first time I’m hearing about this product and I think its great that they came up with mosquito protection. I am usually the victim of mosquito bites so I will definitely be looking into this for my future backpacking trip 🙂

  11. travellingchingritat says:

    Dang! I wish I knew about this product sooner. I am really interested in this and am going to get it. Ugh, there is nothing worse than the welts I get and I do only think about the malaria.. Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Girl, Unspotted says:

    This is pretty cool! Might have to consider investing since I’m currently based in the Philippines and I have quite a penchant for camping at beaches. Love your blog, Mike! I’m a nurse as well and I’m excited to be start getting some experience here in the Philippines! Keep inspiring!

  13. Lucy says:

    Very informative, I’ve never heard of it before. I’ll consider it for the future travels , thank you 🙂

  14. arsenalnic says:

    such a great product, we use craghoppers a lot for climbing, hiking and camping. This is even better though as it not only makes things more comfortable but safer too.

  15. Anne says:

    Now, I know what I want for Christmas! I’ve heard of some really lightweight sleep liners and blankets but so far, this is the only one which repels mosquitoes! Such a great product.

  16. Ynah CA says:

    Great innovation -a must have for backpackers! I want one of this 🙂 thank you for sharing a review of the product…

  17. Ynah CA says:

    Great innovation – a must have for backpackers. And i think i want one of this:) thank you for sharing a review!

  18. Kate says:

    This is perfect! I’ve been worried about protecting myself from malaria when I travel and have bought a net and spray, but this would be ideal too! Is it a good idea to use all three together?

    • The sleep sheet a net and DEET? If you are in a high risk area then absolutely it is. Protecting yourself against malaria – or mosquito bites in general – is all about reducing your risk as much as possible, so think of each one of these things as one single layer of protection. DEET spray will provide one layer and reduce your risk of getting bitten a lot. Adding sleeping under a mosquito net and that adds one more layer and reduces your risk even further. Sleeping with this insect repellent liner adds a third layer and reduces your risk even further, to the point where the risk of getting bitten is very low. If you are in a low to no risk area then I would say some DEET spray and this liner is enough to bring the risk down to more than acceptable levels.

  19. Charlaine Harris says:

    What an amazing idea! I even love the colour! Is this okay just for using as a general sleeping bag type deal? I plan on staying in a lot of hostels through Thailand and Vietnam, and would just like something of my own to lay on instead of hostel sheets?

    • Absolutely it is Charlaine, it is at it’s core a really good, solid sleep sheet that you can use to lay over the sheets in your hostel, as a sheet and a blanket (once you get inside) or as a sleeping bag liner. The insect repellent material is a major bonus of this over other sheets/liners though and what makes me as a nurse (and someone who really promotes insect bite prevention to reduce risk of insect borne diseases) really endorse it. Definitely a worthy buy!

  20. Tom says:

    Excellent idea! Does this really not take up much space/weight in your pack though? It looks a bit bulky.

    • Definitely not Tom no, the photo above is a little deceptive. I’d say it takes up no more space than two or three T shirts rolled up, and it can be squashed down a little too, so squeezing it into your pack isn’t a problem at all. As for the weight you can barely feel it when it is in your hand, never mind your pack. 🙂

  21. Melody Pittman says:

    What a neat and helpful little tool. I know my husband would love one of these for camping and hiking. Sold! 😉

  22. NYC JetSetter says:

    Sounds like a handy thing to have! I never heard of it before.

  23. Revati Victor says:

    Sounds like a super comfy solution! Now if only I could get outdoors more!

  24. Robb Saunders says:

    What a cool piece of kit. When you thought everything to do with backpacking was already invented this gem comes along. Keep up the great work!

    • It’s definitely awesome. I’m generally a big believer in backpackers not needing too much kit when they travel but practical stuff like this gets my vote every time, especially when it helps prevent potentially serious diseases (I’m a nurse, how could I not!) 😉 Thanks for commenting.

  25. Anna Thompson says:

    Seems nice.

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