Craghoppers Dry Bag.

Craghoppers dry bag review

Whether you are heading off on a jungle adventure, climbing a mountain or simply bouncing from hostel to hostel on your gap year, these dry bags from Craghoppers are an absolutely essential piece of kit.

The need for these bags comes from two very simple concepts, the need to organise your things in your pack, and the need to keep them dry, waterproof and protected, and the Craghoppers dry bags fulfill both of those needs perfectly.

The dry bags are lightweight enough to be practical and useful for backpacking, but are also strong and thick enough to provide a solid level of protection and longevity, especially when you consider the budget friendly price. The quality of the bags is evident in both the material and the seams, and in my opinion would take some serious punishment before they failed you. The bags work by filling them with whatever you want to keep dry, then folding the seam over two or three times, then securing the bag with the buckle. The buckle itself is made from decent, solid plastic and gives you a lot of confidence in its strength and durability.

They come in a range of sizes and colours from a small 2 litre bag perfect for your important essentials like passports and electronics to a huge 40 litre bag that is great for clothes and larger kit.

These bags work best when you have a number of them in different sizes, and that is exactly how I use them in my pack. I use a couple of larger dry bags to keep my clothes dry and safe and my dirty laundry dry and separate in my main pack, then a number of smaller bags to keep my chargers and other electronics dry as well as other essentials. They are also perfect for using alongside packing cubes to organise your pack, they just happen to have the added advantage of making your whole kit waterproof and protected from the elements.

This waterproof feature can come in handy far more than you realise. You may be saying to yourself that you don’t need to waterproof your belongings because you aren’t going to be scrambling across deep rivers or under waterfalls with your pack on, it’s a gap year not a survival adventure. Well, that’s a fair point. It’s pretty probable that your backpack won’t end up floating down the ganges without you or getting a serious dunking. You may even say that if you do get caught in the rain or one of the famous heavy downpours in the tropics, then the in built waterproof cover on your backpack should keep everything dry enough, and you would be right, most of the time it absolutely will.

But there is more to keeping your kit dry and protected than simply keeping it out of or away from water. I have spent a lot of time in the tropics where it was absolutely bone dry and there wasn’t a rain cloud in sight, but the near 100% humidity made everything slightly damp, not good for any electronics or paper stored in your main pack.

It isn’t essential to have dry bags in this circumstance, but it is nice. Trust me.

Another nice feature of the bags is that they are of course portable. That means that if you fancy heading down to another part of the beach, but you want to leave your pack in your beach hut or hostel, then you can easily use one of the smaller dry bags to carry any essentials such as some cash or your phone that you want to take with you, safe in the knowledge that they will be safe and bone dry. The sealed clip also makes for a nice handle. You can even secure the dry bag, bury it under the sand and place your towel/blanket over it while you head out for a swim which will deter most opportunistic thieves as all they can see is your towel and maybe a book.

I love dry bags and always have a few with me when I travel. The versatility and the protection they provide just make them a no brainer when packing your backpack ready for your round the world adventure, and the Craghoppers range ensure that you have a good quality, durable dry bag that will keep your kit organised, safe and dry on any gap year.

Ready to buy? You can get your very own bag here. (There are also a range of different sizes available).


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