Craghoppers Worldwide Rucksack

Craghoppers worldwide rucksack review

The Craghoppers 65 litre Rucksack is a basic but solid hybrid pack that will be a great companion for any first time backpacker about to set off on their first around the world adventure. 

Like many modern packs the Craghoppers Worldwide Rucksack is definitely more of a hybrid than a traditional top loader backpack, which means that it has a full suitcase style opening, complete with a suitcase style bin and straps in the main compartment, but also has the separate bottom compartment and design of a traditional backpack. This rucksack can also be converted into a holdall type bag too for those who for some inexplicable reason prefer to carry their bags that way.

On the whole however, this is still a backpackers backpack in both design and function.

The basics. 

This pack only comes in 65 litre options, which is more than enough to take you on your gap year. Be aware however that the detachable daysack is roughly 10 litres of that, which means that the main pack will be around 55 litres. This is still more than enough space for most travellers, but is just something to be aware of when buying it as you probably won’t be using the daysack as part of your main packing space. 

The weight of the whole pack when empty is approximately 2.45 kg, which isn’t bad at all, and the size of the main pack is 60 X 27 X 36 cm whilst the detachable daysac is 42 X 26 X 14 cm.

The Space.

I’ve grown fond of the full suitcase style opening packs in recent years after being used to top loader backpacks for a long time, and the opening in this backpack is great. The zips open all the way around the main compartment and there is more than enough room for all your kit and a packing cube or two to help you organise it all. What I like about this pack is that even though it has the suitcase style bin, it still retains its backpack credentials and has a fully enclosed bottom section which helps you organise your kit even more.

Fitting in with the suitcase style, the inside of the ‘lid’ of the pack has a large, zipped mesh pocket that is large enough to hold a fair amount of clothing or other items. Again this is great when you need to organise all your kit.

One downside to this rucksack – which is a common feature among this type of hybrid pack – is the complete lack of side pouches. I miss side pouches! They are infinitely useful on a gap year but they always seem to be completely overlooked and is one of the main reasons that are stopping hybrid packs from being perfect!

Fit and comfort. 

The Craghoppers Worldwide 65 litre rucksack is really comfortable to carry for long periods, even when full. That is the overriding point that almost makes everything else incidental!

The pack is well balanced and the essential waist support – whilst not the most padded I have ever seen – is still very comfortable alongside the padded straps and back. The airflow system functions as well as any I have tried out and adds to the comfort factor.

This is a 65 litre pack and fits my frame very well indeed, however it should really go without saying that if your height, build and frame is not suitable for a 65 litre pack, then it won’t be ideal for you and you should get something a little more suitable for you. For those who can carry this size of pack however it is fantastically well built and feels good on your back when full.


Unfortunately there are no integral security features. This isn’t a damning condemnation as very few packs do but it would be nice to see more packs take this into consideration. If you want security on this pack then you will have to fall back on the perennial backpacker stock items of padlocks and a pacsafe or a cable lock. Fortunately the zips do have the capacity to have a small padlock fed through them.

The features.

Being a hybrid pack, the Worldwide Rucksack is loaded with relevant features.

Craghoppers 65l rucksack review (1)

A really handy feature is the hidden cover that can be zipped up during transit to completely hide the backpack straps. Ostensibly this is to help convert the whole pack into a holdall along with the supplied shoulderThe sp strap. I’ll be honest I have zero interest in carrying a holdall and this feature is completely irrelevant to me as a backpacker. However, the cover is perfect for protecting and covering the straps during airline transit, which can help protect the pack from damage done by the airport carriage procedures. The cover has two zips that goes around the entire pack to seal it up, and it folds away neatly in the bottom of the pack when not needed.

In the same compartment as the strap cover there is also a handy rain cover, meaning that when you use both together your pack – and your gear inside – is completely protected.

A small feature in both the main pack and the daysack  is a small zippered pocket near the top of each compartment. These are pretty small and to be honest when I first saw them I wasn’t sure if they would be of any use at all. However during my trip with the pack I actually found them really useful to carry all the small bits and items such as coins, keys or earphones and still have easy access to them. This was a seriously nice little touch.

The daysack.

Craghoppers daysack

The detachable daysack is one of the best I have seen on a pack of this type.

When attached to the main pack itself, the daysack is strong and completely secure, with a zip that completely covers three of the sides and completely hides and protects the shoulder straps. When attached, it does make the main pack a little bit top heavy which can be awkward sometimes when trying to stand it upright, but isn’t really a huge problem.

When you need to take it off for exploring your new surroundings, for carry on during transit or for an adventurous trek or hike, the daysack performs admirably in all circumstances.

There is enough space inside to carry all that you need (I managed to squeeze a change of clothes, some ablution stuff, a book, a fleece and a raincoat inside for an overnight mountain hike!) Yet it is still small enough to be completely portable and is a perfect size for carry on when flying as it can even fit under your seat, unlike some of the ridiculously oversized hard cases airlines allow people to carry on now.

And another feature I love is the stretch mesh pockets for carrying water bottles, they are actually stretchy! Far too often on other packs these pockets are not big enough and do not stretch enough to easily accommodate your water bottle, these pockets are roomy, stretchy and secure. It seems like a small detail I know, but trust me it makes a huge difference!

The straps themselves are basic but functional, and there is a small amount of padding on the back which won’t win any awards for airflow but makes the pack easy and comfortable to carry.


The Craghoppers Worldwide 65 litre rucksack is a good, solid hybrid rucksack that would be a great choice for anyone setting out on their first gap year or round the world adventure.

Ready to buy? You can get your very own backpack here.


This review was possible with a product supplied by Craghoppers. The views and opinions expressed are the authors own and are honest and factual without any bias. No incentives are ever accepted in return for positive coverage, and in the instances where assistance or products has been given by travel industry professionals and services, full editorial integrity is maintained and all reviews will remain honest and forthright.

31 comments on “Craghoppers Worldwide Rucksack
  1. Kate says:

    Perfect timing! I was just looking out for a new backpack!

  2. Paul says:

    This seems like a good pack, could I use it for carry on only?

    • The main pack no (although with the ridiculous size of some of the hard cases they are allowing as carry ons now you could always chance it!) But the zip off day pack is the PERFECT size for carry on and easily fits under your seat! ;D

  3. Scarlet says:

    I’ve been looking for a new backpack for a while now for my upcoming trip and this sounds perfect! Is 65 litres enough for a full 12 month gap year though? It doesn’t seem like much.

  4. alicesgapyearadventures says:

    Loving your reviews 🙂 This looks like such a good pack!

  5. karla says:

    Seems like a really useful bag I can make use of during day hikes. Plus it comes with a rain cover which is important. It’s very rainy here half the year so we usually hike in the rain.

  6. Jade says:

    Sounds like this backpack has it all! Apart from the side pouches – but I think I could live without that as the rest of the features make up for it.

  7. Katie says:

    Looks like a decent backpack! 65L is too big for me, my backpack is 55L, but my boyfriend uses a 65L bag. I like that this bag has things like a rain cover and the added cover to hide the straps. It’s little features like that that help me when I’m deciding on a product to purchase!

  8. Girl, Unspotted says:

    Wish I knew about this before I purchased my backpack!

  9. Lena says:

    anything you didn’t like about it?

    • Yeah as I said in the review I wasn’t overly impressed with the lack of side pouches, but this seems to be a trend with this type of pack, and the security features (or lack of them) could definitely be improved on. But these aren’t overall deal killers and aren’t exclusive problems to this pack either.

  10. Melody Pittman says:

    This looks like a handy bag to have around. I like all the secret compartments and zippered areas. 😉 Things like that keep us female travelers interested.

  11. Corina says:

    Is there a way I could order it from Manila, Philippines? Thanks!

  12. Chris says:

    Bought one after your review.
    It’s right about all the useful features – they really are. Especially the hight-adjustable carry-system makes it fit perfectly on any back. Just don’t put too heavy stuff in the 10l daypack, when it’s zipped on 😉

    Now the (really bad) downside: I used it on a 2-week-trip to Costa Rica. It was loaded with about 14kg of clothes. Most of the time I used it just as a traveller bag with the backpack-straps hidden away; and since we had a rental car, it was mostly carried from the car to the hotel/motel/lodges-rooms and back.
    After just 2 or 3 days the disappointment began: the material started to tear open at several seams, on the main compartment as well as on the 10l daypack. So the fit and features are almost perfect, the quality unfortunately is not 😦
    Some may say it might have been the ground staff at the airports, because they often pull luggage way too hard. But to avoid that, I had it completely wrapped with packing tape before the flight, so it arrived perfectly well. Also I am always really careful with my stuff (especially the new things), so it wasn’t me pulling to hard either 😉

    It’s just such a damn pitty, because I really loved the features and the fit. Hmpf!

    ps. oh, yeah, my spouse had the 45l worldwide backpack. That one is the other way round: no quality issues, but the fit is just horrible, because the backpack-straps aren’t adjustable and there’s one diagonal strap at the top that constantly pokes into your back.

    So now, both are going back to craghoppers (nice support there!!) with a full refund and they can check, what’s wrong.
    If they bring out a new one with better quality next year, I’ll definitely give it another try 🙂

    • Wow, I’m sorry to hear that Chris, I really don’t know what to say except that I never had any of those quality issues at all, quite the opposite in fact. I really put it through its paces in the Carpathian mountains on my first trip with it (treating it pretty roughly on purpose) and it is still going strong even now. If that wasn’t the case I would not be giving it a good review. I really hope the Craghoppers guys can help you out with whatever went wrong with yours.

      • Chris says:

        Hi; well, maybe I just got a “monday product” (lemon). Glad your’s is still well!
        Like I said, I’d definitely give it another try.
        I’m in contact with Craghoppers right now, they’re really helpful, perfect support there!

  13. Joanne Carter says:

    I love the idea of the zip off daypack, much better than having a separate one.

  14. Andrew Murtaugh says:

    This seems like a pretty decent brand, do you use a lot of their stuff?

  15. Kiff lloyd says:

    I have to say to anyone looking at buying this bag- don’t.
    It seems perfect, but I’ve taken it with me travelling and within 2 weeks it had 3 rips across the seems and just simply fell apart.
    If you’re looking for a bag whilst backpacking for any prolonged period of time this simply isn’t hard wearing enough.

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