K West Hotel And Spa, London, England.


The K West hotel and spa is a unique boutique hotel situated in Shepards Bush, London, and is a good alternative to the bland chain hotels in one of the most expensive capitals in the world.

Situated in what used to be a BBC recording studio, this funky boutique hotel has retained the very best of that heritage with a Rock and Roll motif and buzzwords like swagger, cool and edgy are thrown about like so many blue M&M’s to turn this into a hipsters paradise.

The rooms themselves are very spacious and really well appointed. I was genuinely pleasantly surprised on arrival – after expecting a simple box room with two beds for the twin room I had booked – at finding a large bedroom space, a living room/study area and what was a relatively large en suite with a bath too.


One thing I did not particularly like was the door to the en suite was see through save for a small block of modesty saving frosted glass. This is fine if you are in a double room as a couple but not for two friends staying in a twin. I don’t care how much you like each other or how close you are no one wants to see their friend take a shower or a dump.

The location is okay, Shephards Bush isn’t exactly central and you will have to get the tube at least a few stops if you want to see the sights and sounds of London, but there is a tube station a few minutes walk away so it isn’t a huge problem.

The price as well is simply okay, it’s certainly not budget but it is good for those on a flashpackers budget who want their own room and not a dorm. It is let down a lot by all the slightly too pricey additional add ons, as paying for breakfast, any spa treatments and so on will definitely rack up the final bill, but for central London it isn’t really too bad at all. At this price point for the room on its own your other options are bland chain budget hotels, and this boutique styled accomodation is definitely a better option.

One of the major selling points for the hotel is definitely the spa, I didn’t try any of the treatments, but the steam room and sauna area is an amazing place to relax from the hustle of the capital or spend a romantic weekend, and I can definitely recommend it for either of those options! Using the facilities on a pay as you go basis may be very expensive, but you can mitigate this by getting one of the many room and spa package deals.

The K West is definitely a funky boutique option if you are staying in London, and far better than any of the bland chains. I needed a simple room to sleep in while spending a few days in the capital and ended up with so much more than that with a surprisingly enjoyable and memorable stay. 

Ready to book? The K West Hotel and Spa website can be found here.


This article was written in partnership with the K West hotel and spa. The views and opinions expressed are entirely the authors own based on personal experiences when travelling and are honest and factual without any bias.

10 comments on “K West Hotel And Spa, London, England.
  1. Rob says:

    Great review, I stay in London quite a lot as I use it as a base for hopping over to Europe and I have been looking for something a little ‘more’ than the usual Premier Inn without having to pay the massive jump in price (London is EXPENSIVE!) Don’t get me wrong they are nice enough but if you can get something a bit more special in the same price range why not?

  2. Colin Wilson says:

    I really like the sound of having a little bit of room tomove around in, a surprising rarity in London hotels! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Sarah says:

    This is just a little (okay a lot) out of my price range backpacking through Europe, I’m on a seriously tight budget 😦 Do you have any recomendations for more budget places?

  4. Jenny says:

    Oh this sounds perfect for a bit of splurging! Im couchsurfing through the UK now but I’m in the mood for a bit of me time when I hit London. Couchsurfing is amazing for saving your accomodation budget but sometimes you just need some alone time!

    • That is the exact way to do it Jenny, save a bit on budget accommodation (or the sharing economy) and you can spoil yourself from time to time 🙂 And you can’t get better than a spa to indulge yourself.

  5. Sarah Krause says:

    No pictures of the spa? This hotel really does sound perfect for a little pampering getaway.

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