Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur berjaya times square shopping

I always love visiting Kuala Lumpur. I think it is generally such an underrated city and have come here quite a few times over the years on both short layovers and longer trips. This trip was a little more special though as we were celebrating a pretty significant event, and as a result I decided to forego the usual hostels and cheap guesthouses in Chinatown and opt for a little bit of luxury instead. At least that was the plan.

Wanting a bit of luxury with a private room, a nice pool, and all the amenities we could ever need for just a few days of rest and self indulgence, we decided on the Berjaya Times Square Hotel. This is certainly a unique place to stay. Attached to one of the largest shopping malls in the world, the complex is so big it even boasts an entire theme park inside its walls! So taking leave from my normal backpacker modus operandi, I booked one of their rooms well in advance and looked forward to some luxury and comfort to celebrate in.

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur a little later than planned from Singapore thanks to Air Asia’s usual level of service, and got a taxi straight to the hotel. Things got off to a great start. The lobby was huge, well appointed and the blast of air con was a welcome respite after a long and hot journey. Unfortunately after our immediate arrival, things went rapidly downhill.

“The room, the service or the overall experience of the stay didn’t do anything to really excel itself.”

No staff greeted us at the entrance, no one offered to help us with our bags or even smiled or acknowledged us as we entered. It took me a moment to find the oddly placed reception desk, but once I did I put our backpacks down and prepared for the endurance test that is the check in process. Unfortunately I wasn’t really prepared for the sheer level of incompetence or unprofessionalism displayed by the staff at every level and opportunity, and it left a sour taste on what should have been a warm, first class welcome.

I have stayed in budget hostels, home stays and zero star guesthouses with a level of service that far surpasses what they offer here. The whole operation felt like a fast food chain run by untrained school leavers when the manager has stepped out, no leadership, no training, no discipline and no service. It was awful, and it did not improve throughout the length of our stay.

It took a strong but polite formal complaint to the highest level manager we could track down there and then to get us checked in and into our rooms. The whole process was even more exhausting than the flight and long car journey we had been on to get here, and we were looking forward to getting to our room. What greeted us when we got there immediately made us forget the tiring check in.

Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur

Finally we were getting somewhere!

After finally getting in our room and dumping our bags, we started to relax. This was more like it. Much more like it. The room was huge, clean and was a huge surprise after the gruelling check in we had just been through. Two whole bedrooms, a small kitchen area and large lounge was more suited to a family than a couple, but we loved the space and lived it up! The showers were fantastically hot and powerful which is always a nice little luxury for an aging backpacker more used to cold waterfalls and dodgy shared hostel showers like me! The views were pretty spectacular too, especially at night when the Petronas towers were lit up. The room wasn’t perfect, the wifi was spotty at times and the satellite channels didn’t always get great signal, these weren’t a huge inconvenience of course, but when you are staying in a hotel that boasts high standards and charges for them, you do expect them to at least meet basic requirements.

Berjaya Times Square bathroom

Breakfast was mostly an average buffet fare, but was kicked up a notch by the choice of a chef who whipped up really good eggs or omelettes any way you liked them right in front of you. The pretty large restaurant was always absolutely packed out though throughout the small breakfast window, and there were people waiting in line on more than one occasion. When you are on a supposed romantic, relaxing break, you really don’t need to feel rushed at breakfast.

Berjaya Times Square

This was at least offset by a relaxing morning by the rooftop pool, nicely maintained to a decent standard, attractive and big enough that it didn’t feel crowded during the time we spent there. The facilities were clean and sufficient and were exactly what we needed for a little relaxation. They did have poolside security, presumably to stop anyone but hotel guests using the facilities. This was a good thing on the whole but far too often the guards would stand just a touch too close to the loungers, act just a touch too overbearing to make the experience completely comfortable. A little training in subtlety could go a long way.

Berjaya Times Square swimming pool

Unfortunately during our stay the level of service provided by the staff we had dealings with continued to completely let them down. They had no idea who we were when we rang down, or what they were doing when asked simple questions. Calls for assistance with our room were met with confusion and a conveyor belt of different staff who were no improvement on the last and a call for room service has never been so frustrating or comical and led to me simply wandering down to the conveniently located 7/11 in the mall instead. I can imagine the pleased shopkeeper gets a ton of business this way!

The absolute best thing about staying here is the location, that is perhaps the one thing the Berjaya Times Square hotel can never be faulted on. The unique fact that you can get a lift down from your floor straight into a huge mall, complete with Imax theatre and theme park is just pretty awesome, and I’m not even a big fan of shopping! The mall gives you plenty of options for eating if you don’t fancy the hotel breakfast with some decent food courts, and there is a lot to do here to stop you getting bore or keeping the family entertained, including a cinema, archery range, and – again – that theme park!  It is located close enough to any of the major sights you would want to see in KL and Petaling Street is just round the corner for a bit of tourist market fun.

In conclusion, as great as some aspects of the room were, they were no less than what I would expect at this price range and the room, the service or the overall experience of the stay didn’t do anything to really excel itself. It is a huge shame, as this hotel has the potential to be really memorable.

Berjaya Times Square is a hotel that has relied on its name and location to supply continued business and has let service and standards slip to such an extent that it will be increasingly difficult for them to compete with the boutique hotel market that are increasingly excelling in this area at a much cheaper price. The room we got an upgrade to after complaining may stretch all but the most generous of budgets, but with good budgeting or a little splurge, basic rooms in this hotel are not out of the reach of most backpackers pockets. Unless you want the specific experience of staying on top of a shopping mall though, quite frankly there are much better options in this price range or even below throughout Kuala Lumpur.

The Berjaya Times Square Hotel is located at Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Ready to book? The Berjaya Times square’s website can be found here.



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16 comments on “Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  1. inpursuitofadventure says:

    I hate when check in is a hassle. It is the last thing you want to do after a long exhausting flight! I think I would almost deal with it though because this hotel looks so much better than the hostel we stayed at in KL and it certainly did not have ac or a pool!

    • I know exactly what you mean. To be honest I would have completely forgotten about the awful check in if the bad service hadn’t have been repeatedly dismal throughout our stay. When you pay out for a bit of luxury instead of the usual guesthouses you expect a lot more. It is a shame because the room and everything else was pretty good, but the service and staff training absolutely let them down.

  2. Elena says:

    So straight to the mall from your room! Not bad, not bad…:)

  3. Dave Cole says:

    It sounds like this place could really improve the experience through adequate staff training, especially given their facilities. It’s amazing how many hotel stays end up being regrettable based on substandard service.

    • That’s exactly it in a nutshell Dave. The thing is our room was great, the location was great, this hotel could have been great! It was the service that consistently let it down. Decent staff training is not that difficult at the end of the day, not at this level.

  4. Karen Warren says:

    It’s a pity the service was so poor, because the pictures make it look a great place, and it’s always good to have a nice central location.

    • Exactly Karen, apart from the service it actually was quite a nice place, as you say it is just such a shame the service let it down consistently. (It was more than just a one off). Hopefully they can learn from it and improve in the future.

  5. marghenick says:

    I second what Karen said there. The place looks stunning (that pool!) and it’s a real shame when bad service turns an easy process into a gruelling one. Hopefully they’ll take notice of it!

  6. Carrina Reeve says:

    I’m really surprised by your review. I have stayed ta Berjaya Times Square 4 times in 2014 and have always had exceptional service. Check in, is sometime laborious in foreign countries but I have always had a pleasant time at Berjaya. In fact the concierge (Mohan) came up to me on my departure last trip to see if he could assist with anything. I know what you mean about the pool area (although the day I slipped I was grateful for the “lurking” staff), and as a solo female traveller do find it a little unwelcome at times by the pool. My favourite is however the views of the city & towers and the amazing Jojoba Spa. I hope you try them again another time and have a better result. Best, Carrina

    • It wasn’t as if the bad service was a one time only thing, it was sustained and constant for my entire stay. Hopefully since then they have taken criticism on board and improved Carrina. All I know is I reported on the hotel exactly how I saw and experienced it at the time I was there, both good and bad, and I think I was fair in my review. I’m always open to returning and seeing if things have changed. 🙂

  7. Mike frank says:

    How much in u.s. Dollars was this hotel?

  8. Sharon says:

    Oh no! we have actually stayed here about 5 times since 2013 (and was meant to stay again last month before I broke my leg). Thankfully, except for a loooong line to check in once, we’ve always found it awesome. It’s one of my favourite places to stay anywhere, it’s just so easy. If you ever decide to trust it again, hopefully you’ll have a different experience. Sorry, you didn’t have the same experience.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Sharon, it sounds like they have taken a lot of feedback on board and have improved a lot since then, which I am really happy to hear because it is such an amazingly unique place.

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