10 Life Lessons Learned From Travelling Solo.

Travelling solo really is the best way to travel. It is a truly magnificent and life affirming adventure that may be a little daunting at first, but really is a hugely rewarding experience that teaches you as much about yourself

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Top Budget Apps For Travelling.

Keeping on budget on your gap year can be difficult. Here are a few of the best apps on the market at the moment to help you keep your bank balance steady on the road. The way travellers interact with

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6 Of The Best Flight Booking Resources.

Researching and booking your flights around the world has become so much easier in the last 15 years I have been travelling the world, and thanks to the internet the potential traveller is now spoilt for choice when it comes

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How Much To Budget For A Month In Indonesia.

Indonesia is a fantastic choice for budget conscious backpackers and travellers, and this article will help you plan exactly how much to budget for a month in this awesome country. Indonesia is an amazing destination in its own right and

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What Is Zika Virus And Why Should Travellers Be Aware Of It?

My travel clinic fields a lot of questions about mosquito borne diseases, the most popular of which are obviously malaria and dengue fever, but one very few people are aware of is Zika disease. This article is here to give

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Why Are People Still Visiting Thailand’s Tiger Temple?

Back in April 2015, I wrote about how it was almost the end of Thailand’s infamous Tiger Temple, as officials prepared to raid the compound and shut it down after years of evidence of abuse, neglect and irresponsibility. Yet thanks

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An Unconscionable Coffee Delicacy. Should Travellers Be Drinking Kopi Luwak?

Kopi Luwak is a gourmet coffee, a delicacy around the world that is made from the fermented coffee beans excreted by an Asian palm civet. Essentially it is poo coffee. But as much as that divides coffee lovers into those

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