Happy Christmas and New Year!

This is the last post of 2014 for me so I just wanted to take the chance to say happy Christmas to you all! That, and thank you for all your amazing support over 2014. Bemused Backpacker has grown so

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Responsible Tourism: Rhino Conservations Secret Weapon?

African rhinos will be extinct in the wild in less than twenty years, and conservation efforts are not working. Something drastic needs to be done now to stop the inevitable death of this magnificent species. Can responsible tourism be the

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It Really Is A Lonely Planet.

A recent study in Psychological Science suggests that those of us who have travelled the world can be left feeling isolated and alone when we return home, as many people we knew in our old lives simply can’t relate to

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Travellers.

I know many of the shopping centres and supermarkets have had their decorations up since mid October, but it really is December now and that means we can really start turning our mind to the best time of the year,

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Bemused Backpacker Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sale!

Sale Now Over.  Okay I know Black Friday is predominantly an American thing, and being quintessentially British and a lover of long organised queues means I’m generally reluctant to contribute to what amounts to a mass rugby scrum in a

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7 Days To Go – Every Vote Counts!

I have been truly amazed and humbled by the response and the support I have received so far at my entry into the UK Blog Awards 2015, thank you all of you, seriously. It really has been amazing and I

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How YOU Can Afford To Travel Round The World Indefinitely.

Travelling around the world is an expensive business, especially if you plan to travel long term, or even indefinitely. There is no doubt about that and no point in pretending otherwise. The flights, the accommodation, the lack of or at

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