Well Intentioned Travel Advice You Should Totally Ignore!

There is so much travel advice out there it can be hard to be sure which is good and which is bad sometimes. With every piece of good advice that comes your way there are often half a dozen pieces

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Why I Walked Across Mount Bromo’s Sea Of Sand.

The sea of sand on mount Bromo is hailed as an adventure travel destination, with scores of jeeps, motorbikes and horses throwing up clouds of dust as they transport you across an alien landscape in search of the volcanic craters

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How To Travel Safely With The Threat Of Terrorism.

Terror attacks on popular holiday destinations are a rare but unfortunate reality, and they can happen anywhere at any time. As travellers there is always a chance, no matter how low, that we may get caught up in an incident

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Surviving The Cannonball Run On Mount Bromo

It’s 2 AM, no one has had any sleep, there is zero visibility and a hundred jeeps and motorbikes careen up a volcano at full speed in a neck breaking race to capture the ultimate selfie! This death defying cannonball

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If You Stop Travelling, The Terrorists Win.

After yet another appalling terrorist attack in Paris, travellers are once again asking is it safe to travel. Allow me to tell you why I will never allow terrorists to stop me from travelling the world. Paris, Egypt, Sinai, Turkey,

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Palm Oil Is Burning Borneo.

Borneo is burning. Orang utans are being made extinct and their once beautiful natural habitat is being destroyed by greed and the relentless expansion of the palm oil industry. As travellers all over south east Asia deal with the aftermath

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10 Easy Ways To Save Money For Travel.

Travelling the world is expensive, there’s no real way around that. Sure there are ways to travel cheaply and tips and tricks to make world travel cheaper, but either way you will need to have a good chunk of cash

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