A Guide For Settling Into The Backpacking Lifestyle.

Backpacking the world or taking a gap year can be one of the most exhilarating, life changing experiences of your life, but at first it can also be just a little bit daunting. These essential tips will help you settle into the

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How To Travel When You Aren’t Travelling.

Not every backpacker travels the world full time. Sometimes travellers are caught in between gap years or career breaks, and spend time at home either to work, study or simply just save up some money for their next adventure. The

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Bali, It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Bali made an average effort on our first traveller/destination date together, but did not overly impress. We did have a few good times, but I really don’t think there’s any future in the relationship. Is it time we part ways?

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Celebrating Chinese New Year In Singapore.

I love Singapore and one of my favourite parts of the year in this fantastically diverse country is Chunjie, known throughout the world as Spring Festival, or more famously as Chinese New Year! With so many celebrations and a unique

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Should You Be Worried About Dengue Fever On Your Gap Year?

Dengue fever is a nasty viral infection spread by mosquitos in a similar way to malaria and is an increasing public health concern. It is a global threat with around half the worlds population at risk according to recent reports

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Why I Hate Traveller’s Selfie Sticks!

The selfie stick phenomenon is an absolute curse on the travel world, a blight that should be banned until people learn some consideration, or at least gain some situational awareness and common sense! (Yes, this IS a mock up!) Selfie

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The Importance Of Respect When You Travel.

In a month that has already seen tourists famously deported from Cambodia for stripping, yet another couple have gotten themselves into trouble for disrespecting local customs and sensitivities. Maybe it is time for a wake up call to all travellers

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