The Elephant In The Room: Why You Shouldn’t Go On An Elephant Trek In Thailand.

Elephant trekking is a popular tourist activity in Thailand, one of the more popular ‘bucket list’ activities in the gap year industry in fact, but there are many reasons why you should scratch riding an elephant off that list immediately.

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Announcing The New Travel Clinic Service.

Following on from yesterdays announcement of the Gap Year Safety Consultation service, and as part of a whole raft of new services designed to make planning and implementing your independent round the world travel dreams easier for you, I am

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Announcing The New Gap Year Safety Consultation Service.

I am seriously proud to announce a whole new service for Bemused Backpacker, the Gap Year Safety Consultation! This is a unique one to one service for anyone who is dreaming of travelling the world or planning their backpacking adventures,

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How To Manage Your Money On Your Gap Year.

Dealing with money and currency is one of many travellers biggest practical concerns. Find out everything you need to know with this handy expert guide. Planning your gap year is exciting, there is no doubt about that. Dreaming of your

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Aeroplane Seat Wars: The Passive Aggressive Guide To Dealing With Seat Recliners!

Everyone hates reclining seats and recliners on flights. It’s a fact. But how those of us who just want a little room to move without being crushed in our seats deal with them? If anyone ever needs proof of how

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Why The Rainy Season Is A Perfect Time To Travel South East Asia.

I’m British, so I understand completely the unique and all consuming fascination with the weather, believe me. From an ice breaker to a social prop or conversation filler it seems like it is all us Brits ever talk about. Yet

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5 Free Things To Do In Cologne.

Germany is in general a fantastic yet vastly underrated country, and even within that general air of unassuming charm Cologne often loses out on many backpacker itineraries to its more popular neighbour Berlin. But like many underdogs this fantastic German

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