Why I Love Airports.

Airports sometimes get a bit of a bad reputation. Long queues, overzealous security, arguments with flight employees and the endless tedium, stress and desperation that comes with thousands of people all trying to get somewhere. But I absolutely love them,

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5 Free Things To Do In Lisbon.

Portugal is an increasingly expensive country, and as its capital Lisbon is no exception to this rule. Despite the ever growing costs, crowds are still flocking to this stunning city for its history, gorgeous architecture, hot, sunny climate and a

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What Is The Sharing Economy And What Does It Mean For Travellers?

The sharing economy has become a huge driving force in the travel and gap year industries, but many travellers are still confused as to what it is and how they can use it to travel cheaply, easily and independently. This

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Win A Numinous Anti Theft Backpack!

I know technically we are in a new month now but I couldn’t let the second anniversary month of Bemused Backpacker close with just one competition, so here is your chance to win an awesome 65 litre Numinous anti theft

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Disaster Tourism And The Darker Side Of Travel.

Disaster tourism is essentially the act of travelling to a disaster area out of a matter of curiosity, or using a disaster to create profit in the form of organised tours and treks. But there is an even more stygian

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15 Common Malaria Myths Debunked.

Travellers appetites for more adventurous and far flung destinations continues to grow every year, and as a result the malaria risk for travellers has grown too. There are over 2000 UK travellers alone who come home with malaria every year,

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Update: It IS Finally The End Of The Tiger Temple. But What Happens To The Tigers Now?

After years of urging travellers and tourists alike to boycott the infamous Tiger Temple, I asked in a previous article what will happen now that the temple has finally been raided? Now it seems we know the answer as it has

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