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How Much To Budget For A Month In Indonesia.

Indonesia is a fantastic choice for budget conscious backpackers and travellers, and this article will help you plan exactly how much to budget for a month in this awesome country. Indonesia is an amazing destination in its own right and

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An Open Letter About Thailand And Koh Tao.

As many people have seen on social media the open and heartfelt letter from the sister of murdered traveller Hannah Witheridge that openly lambastes and attacks Thailand, I thought a calm and measured response was needed as extreme comments from

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10 Easy Ways To Save Money For Travel.

Travelling the world is expensive, there’s no real way around that. Sure there are ways to travel cheaply and tips and tricks to make world travel cheaper, but either way you will need to have a good chunk of cash

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Is Indonesia The New Ultimate Backpacker Destination?

Thailand has long been hailed as the ultimate backpacker destination, but with Indonesia shooting up in popularity with gap year travellers, is Thailand about to lose its crown to one of its southern neighbours? I have said for a long

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How To Deal With Homesickness On The Road.

Travelling the world is an amazing adventure, one that so many people work hard to save and plan for, so it is strange to think that when it happens some people start to miss home. So what do you do

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10 Mistakes You Will Make As A First Time Backpacker.

Backpackers are a funny lot. Despite the abundance of advice available now on how to take a gap year or travel around the world independently there are still the same groups of people making the same mistakes over and over.

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Why I Love Airports.

Airports sometimes get a bit of a bad reputation. Long queues, overzealous security, arguments with flight employees and the endless tedium, stress and desperation that comes with thousands of people all trying to get somewhere. But I absolutely love them,

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